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July 29, 2011

We walked into the Gym just like any other day, but this time it was a little different.  This time we were traveling back in time to a world when Israel was not yet a State and was still just a dream.

             Tonight, all the chanichim participated in a reenactment of the events of 1947 and 1948 that changed the history of the Jewish people forever.  Each kvutza was given a different country to dress up as and take part in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181.  The gym was decorated with flags and was set up like the real U.N.  As the program continued, each kvutza (acting as a country) was asked their vote to determine whether the State of Israel should be established.

            After the vote passed, we went over to the other half of the gym.  There we saw David Ben Gurion declare the state.  We learned about how the USA was among the first to recognize the state along with the former Soviet Union.  The night ended with singing the Israeli Anthem, Hatikvah.

            This event, along with other events from this past week, tied into our noseh of Moshevet Alo Na’aleh.  We see the importance of living in land of Israel and the power of the Jewish people.  It is through these historical events and their portrayal in camp that we really believe that Israel is our homeland and it continues to be a blessing for us each and every day.

            We were also privileged to celebrate the Bar-Mitzvah of Ben Kaplan in camp today.  Last night, the younger shevet boys had a special event by the lake.  There was a campfire, where people made smores, and grilled salami for everyone to share.  Ben’s parents joined and helped us all celebrate this momentous occasion.

            This morning, Ben read from the Torah and received his first Aliyah as a Bar Mitzvah.  Ben did a great job and is clearly destined to do great things.  We wish the entire Kaplan family a Mazal Tov and continued Nachat.  Camp is always a great place for celebrating a simcha and we look forward to many others this summer and in years to come.


July 28, 2011

Join your Camp Moshava family — chanichim, tzevet, alumni, family and friends for Maariv and a meaningful Eichah reading under the stars followed by inspirational stories from Rabbi Philip Karesh and slow shira led by Alan Sorcher.   Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 8:30 PM at Hillel Torah.

Eichah booklets will be provided. Since we will be outside on the lawn, feel free to bring blankets and flashlights. No reservation required.  In the event of rain the program will be held in the Hillel Torah gym.

August 8th, 2011
Maariv at 8:30 PM
Hillel Torah (outside in the back)
7120 Laramie Rd
Skokie, IL 60077

For more information email or call 847-674-9733 ext. 12


July 22, 2011

<p>Moshevet Alo Na'aleh is off to a great start!</p> <p>My name is Yitzi Matanky and I am the Rosh Mosh this month in machaneh...</p>

July 21, 2011

All the buses arrived safely in Machaneh this afternoon, filled with excited chanichim (campers). Bus chaperones provided first hand testimony that chanichim let out cheers and loud shrieks of joy as the buses pulled into camp as they got their first view of the camp’s landscape.

The chanichim were equally excited when they learned their kvutzot (bunk) assignments and were welcomed with warm smiles by their new madrichim (counselors). All the kvutzot were assigned a modern day leader of Israel, and each kvutzah will be learning about their leader throughout the month. The chanichim then headed over to their tzrifim (cabins) to unpack and settle in for the month of fun that lies ahead, starting with tonight’s night tochnit (activity).

Stay tuned for more details on all our special programs that relate to this month’s theme: “Moshevet Alo Na’Aleh”. After many months of preparation we are so excited to finally be able to implement all of the tochniot that have been planned.

To view the bunk list for Moshevet Alo Na’Aleh click on “Parent Login” on the menu bar.  Once you are logged into our CampInTouch Portal, click on “News”.

Make sure to check our CampInTouch section later tonight for all of the pictures from today’s opening tochnit.




July 19, 2011

On Sunday night, the final night of camp for first session chanichim, our sports leagues culminated with the entire machaneh watching the championship games for both girls and boys basketball.  The games were exciting and the crowd that gathered was electric.  After the games concluded, trophies were awarded to all chanichim on the winning teams.  Trophies were also awarded to chanichim on the championship volleyball and hockey teams.  All-star selections were made for each of the four sports and medals awarded.  Individual trophies were given chanichim for knockout, basketball skills challenge and most importantly, sportsmanship.  Thank you to Asta Healthcare for sponsoring all of our trophies.

Addionally, awards for Excellence in Torah were given to chanichim that excelled in shiur and middot.  One chanich from each bunk was awarded a siddur by camp Director Josh Zwelling.



July 15, 2011

Today all of Machane went out on a trip to knuckleheads in Wisconsin Dells.  The busses departed from camp after all of the chanichim went to shuir. Knuckleheads is one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the dells.  After arriving and eating lunch, the chanichim went and rode on numerous roller coasters, went go-carting, drove bumper cars, and watched a 4D Movie.  The chanichim had a blast, wanting to stay even longer than they were able!


July 12, 2011

This morning the campers woke up to the beginning of Maccabia.  The teams for this year are Moach, red, and Koach, blue.  The team captains for Moach are Flora Weiss and Josh Cooper, and the captains for Koach are Zach Ashman and Shlomit Braun.  The chanichim captains for Koach are Ariella Zwelling, Daniel Otani, Akiva Garfinkel, Lexi Sugar, Raylie Aberman, and Jack Meiselman.  The chanichim captains for Moach are Shlomit Menashe, Yossi Zimmerman, Isabelle Gillman, Michael Goldberg, Yoni Asher, and Yardena Ben-Simon.

Today all of the chanichim participated in different sports for maccabia points.  The chanichim also built an enclosure for an egg and threw the egg and enclosure off the migdal to see if the egg would break.  Tonight for the night tochnit, all of the chanichim from each team participated in a stomp.  Videos from these stomps can be seen on tonights Moshava Minute.


July 8, 2011

The Machane Chutz took place this Wednesday and Thursday. When the chanichim first got to the campsite, they set up camp. Then the girls went swimming while the boys ate dinner and the boys swam while the girls ate dinner. For dinner the chanichim cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, and even some potatoes. They roasted marshmallows and slept under the stars. In the morning they cooked their own eggs over a bonfire, continued on to play sports and then headed back to camp.

The hero of the day that the chanichim learned about was Esther. Because Esther is part of the Purim story, we all dressed up as Pirates and had a pirate themed dinner. After dinner, the chanichim had a gold coin search, just like there was a search for a new queen, and then exchanged their coins for tickets and entered in a Chinese auction. The auction consisted of many different prizes, and just like Haman had a raffle, each prize was raffled off. Although not everyone won a prize, each chanich/a had a wonderful time.


July 4, 2011


After two fun-filled weeks at Machaneh, all of the matchilim have arrived safely back in Chicago.  They had an amazing time up here at Moshava and we look forward to seeing them back here next summer for the full 4 week session! We will miss them all!


July 1, 2011

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