Maccabia Begins

July 12, 2011by adam1

This morning the campers woke up to the beginning of Maccabia.  The teams for this year are Moach, red, and Koach, blue.  The team captains for Moach are Flora Weiss and Josh Cooper, and the captains for Koach are Zach Ashman and Shlomit Braun.  The chanichim captains for Koach are Ariella Zwelling, Daniel Otani, Akiva Garfinkel, Lexi Sugar, Raylie Aberman, and Jack Meiselman.  The chanichim captains for Moach are Shlomit Menashe, Yossi Zimmerman, Isabelle Gillman, Michael Goldberg, Yoni Asher, and Yardena Ben-Simon.

Today all of the chanichim participated in different sports for maccabia points.  The chanichim also built an enclosure for an egg and threw the egg and enclosure off the migdal to see if the egg would break.  Tonight for the night tochnit, all of the chanichim from each team participated in a stomp.  Videos from these stomps can be seen on tonights Moshava Minute.