About Camp Moshava

מי אנחנו

Located in the scenic, central region of Wisconsin, Camp Moshava is a Religious Zionist camp affiliated with Bnei Akiva, the Religious Zionist youth movement.

At Camp Moshava, campers enjoy a full range of activities, including sports, swimming, arts & crafts, drama, boating, music, overnights, trips, zip line, Maccabiah, concerts, and more. Each activity is supervised by specialty staff, who not only ensure safety, but also work to help campers improve their skills, and gain confidence in their abilities.

All Moshava campers, regardless of age or gender, attend three tefilot each day. The menu is strictly Glatt kosher. Every program in camp has daily shiurim, mostly led by participants in our kollel and midrasha, young men and women who have studied in yeshivot or seminaries in Israel. All shiurim take place under the guidance of our high-level Jewish educators, which include rabbis, principals, teachers, and shlichim.