Support the newly created Ari Fuld z”l Israeli Technology Program! Launching this summer at Camp Moshava Wild Rose, we need your help to make this initiative and dream a reality. 

This program brings together a way to honor Ari’s memory in sharing his love and passion for Israel as well as his enthusiasm about the technological advances being done by so many of his fellow countryman. Designed and run by Ari’s brother, tech guru Hillel Fuld, this specialized program will show our chanichim (campers) the technological developments coming out of Israel. Hillel has tremendous experience in the field and works with many of the leading tech companies in Israel.  

Each day, the focus will be on a different element within Israeli technological advancement from drones to water conservation, Iron dome, healthcare, business and more. The chanichim will walk away from camp having learned and gained an appreciation for their homeland, and being knowledgeable of all the accomplishments coming out of Israel. The chanichim will receive hands-on instructions and presentations via webcast from some of the actual developers of these technologies. They will also have time to participate in other great activities in the regular camp environment.  

We can’t think of any better way to honor Ari’s memory than by promoting the miracle of Israel in a cool and fun way. We hope he would be as proud of the program as we are of all he did for Am Yisrael.

Donate today to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative in bringing a piece of Israel to the Midwest and our chanichim.

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