June 29, 20180

Yoel Palgi- Bamakom Sh’ein Ish Tishtadel Lihiyot Ish
Today in camp we focused on Yoel Palgi. Born in 1918 in Austria Hungary and made Aliyah in 1939. He volunteered to parachute into Nazi Germany to join up with the partisans and ultimately free Jews. Later in life he became one of the founders of El Al Airlines.

Three Tzanchanim (paratroopers) parachuted into camp today flying a 20 foot by 30 foot Israeli flag over the machaneh. Overcome with emotion and pride, and synchronized with appropriate music, chanichim watched as the Israeli flag gracefully landed in camp.

Upon landing, Eidot Aleph and Bet boarded an “El Al flight” to complete a scavenger hunt focused on El Al and modern-day Israel. Eidot Gimmel and Daled were handed missions reminiscent of those that Yoel Palgi and Chana Senesch volunteered to complete.

Through these tochniot, and in Yoel Palgi’s memory, our chanichim learned the importance of working as a team, volunteering and stepping up for the betterment of all Jews.


February 16, 20180
This summer will mark the beginning of an exciting new era for Camp Moshava Wild Rose as we transition leadership and bring to our camp new programming, new opportunities, and new ideas.
While much of the plans are still in formation, we are fortunate to be working with talented camping consultants to enhance your child’s experiences at camp, to upgrade the facilities and expand the programming. Camp Moshava Wild Rose is the place where our children can thrive and receive a strong & safe Religious Zionist summer experience.
We are proud to announce that Nava (Well) Hyman will be returning to camp in an expanded capacity, overseeing the educational program and the staff. Nava has spent many years in Moshava Wild Rose and we are very excited to have her back.  In addition, Yitzi Matanky, the current executive director of Bnei Akiva Chicago and former Rosh Moshava will be lending his talents to help with the administration of the camp and recruitment. Working together as part of our senior management team, both of them will bring their many years of experience at Moshava to making this summer a great success.
At the same time, we have begun the search for a new camp director and have received many exciting inquiries. Within a few weeks, we hope to have an interim director in place, who will be working with Nava, Yitzi, and our most-creative Rosh Moshava, Daniel Gottesman. We are thrilled to welcome this All-Star leadership team.
If you haven’t enrolled your child in camp – now is the time! And if you have – this summer will be a summer to remember – a summer filled with fun, with learning, with friendship, and with memories!
We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to seeing your children this summer.

January 2, 20180

Written by Michelle Friedman

On Sunday evening December 10th Camp Moshava of Wild Rose held a pre Chanukah concert at Maine East high school. The Concert featuring Mordechai Shapiro was attended by over 970 individuals ranging in age from toddlers to grandparents in their 80s and represented by all members of the community. The event, was the second concert brought to the Chicago area by Camp Moshava in the last three years to promote “Achdut” within our community and to serve as a fundraiser for Camp Moshava’s scholarship program which helps insure that all children are able to attend. The evening was filled with unbelievable “ruach”, singing and dancing and was a great way to get ready for Chanukah. It was especially heartwarming when Camp Moshava’s director Josh Zwelling announced the camp’s new partnership with Yachad, which will begin this upcoming summer. Yachad members will be integrated this summer with all of the bunks and programs that Camp Moshava offers. There was a beautiful group of Yachad members that were in attendance at the concert and in the middle of the show, prior to intermission Mordechai Shapiro invited all the Yachad members to come up on stage and join him in singing his new song “yachad” . The evening was a tremendous success and enjoyed by all.