Camp Moshava of Wild Rose, WI’s Glossary


Welcome to the Moshava Wild Rose glossary. Here you can find a collection of 100+ words from the Moshava jargon that everyone spending a summer in Wild Rose should know. Most terms have either a video or a picture that relates to them on the right hand side. You can navigate through the glossary by clicking on one of the above letters. Enjoy!
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Area with benches and a stage. Moshava has three amphitheaters, two upstairs and one downstairs. The amphitheater is a hot spot for shiurim and also a great place to play games like ‘nervous numbers’ or ‘make me laugh’. Check out this video of chanichot at the downstairs amphitheater.

 Apache Race

A relay race in which the entire campground is utilized. Some of the tasks in the Apache are reciting Hatikva by heart, carrying a bench down the valley and retrieving a brick from the bottom of the pool. Video of an apache race:


Abbreviation for the program called Machaneh Torah V’Avodah (or MachT”A) this program for high school aged campers geared towards teaching lessons of independence. Check out this video of chanichim talking about their experience on Avodah:


Jobs. Usually used in reference to jobs done by Avodah. Check out this video of Avodah in the midst of Erev Shabbat avodot:


This house-shaped building is home to our offices and sleeping quarters for upper tzevet and guests. The bayit also contains a lounge and a computer room for the tzevet.

BBQ Beef

Special treat for those who attend tish on Friday night. If you’re lucky, you will find a grape in yours.

Beit Knesset

Synagogue. Here the camp meets three times a day for prayer. The Beit Knesset also has a stage for shows such as bunk night and final presentation.On two seperate occasions we have also hosted a brit mila in the beit knesset. Check out the video:

Beit Yaakov Levi

Outdoor Beit Knesset constructed in 2003 in memory Yaakov Matanky, z”l. Many consider this structure the most beautiful building in Moshava.


The most popular part of our inflatable aquatic jungle gym. For the blob to work, a participant sits on the end of a gigantic partially inflated air bag and is then launched into the water after another participant jumps onto the air bag from a platform on the opposite side. A video of chanichim on the blob can be seen here:


Alumni. There are thousands of Moshava Wild Rose bogrim living throughout the world. Bogrim can share their memories of Moshava in the alumni section of our website. Bogrim should also “like” our Facebook page for daily Moshava updates, trivia questions, photos, videos and more. Check out this video of many Moshava Wild Rose bogrim at a reunion in Israel.


Abbreviation for Beit Shimush. Hebrew for bathroom.


 Swimming pool. Our beautiful new breicha is utilized every single day by chanichim of all ages. It is also the site of one of the most popular night tochniot – night swim.

Bug Juice

Fruit punch. There are no bugs in the bug juice.

Bunk Night

Night tochnit where each kvutzah prepares a skit or dance and preforms it in front of the rest of machaneh. This is one of the favorite night tochniot of the entire summer. Check out this video of bunk night:

Chadar Ochel

Mess hall. Here the entire camp meets for meals three times a day. Check out this video of Avodah preparing the chadar ochel for Shabbat.


Dish washing machine found in the mitbach and used by Avodah.


Campers. Check out this video of chanichim having fun around machaneh.

Chavaya Yisraeli

Israeli experience. Being a Religious Zionist camp, an Israeli Experience is always simulated at Moshava. That is why there are so many Hebrew words being used and so much of the programming is geared towards Israel. Check out this video about when Yerushalayim was simulated at Moshava:


Electives. At the beginnig of each month chanichim chose an elective which meets each day. Chugim can be art, rocketry, cooking, drama, sports or anything in between. Check out this video of chanichot talking about their chugim.


The main campus of Moshava (as opposed to “upstairs” our Machal camp site). Facilities downstairs include boys tzrifim, girls tzrifim, a gym, a pool, tennis courts, hockey rink, basketball court, kollel, chadar ochel and much more. Check out this video of downstairs chanichim talking about their first day at Moshava:


A dimly lit room underneath the Chadar Ochel where all of the food is stored in boxes. No actual prisoners are held in the dungeon.

Eretz Yisrael

The Land of Israel. Israel is a theme that runs through everything we do at Moshava. Moshava chanichim learn through informal education about the wonders and beauty of the land and no time period is omitted. Peulot in the past have simulated everything from Avraham’s first journey to Tisha B’av to Ben Gurions declaration of the State to the modern day Machaneh Yehuda. Check out this video of some of our tzevet members who got together for a Shabbat reunion in Eretz Yisrael.

Final Hatzagot

Final Presentations. The last activity of maccabia. During final presentations, each team must present several skits, a team song, a gift to machaneh and shelet. Final presentation is worth thousands of points. Check out this video; it was played at Final Presentation.


Also known as “Kadur Flick”. It is a game with goalposts played with a football that has similar rules to ultimate frisbee . There are two flickerball fields in camp, one downstairs and one upstairs called Rayli’s Playpen. Check out this video of chanichim playing flickerball

Garbage Run

One of the avodot done by Avodah in which they gather all of the trash from around machaneh and deposit it in the dumpster. Check out this video of Avodah chanichim on garbage run:


Area in camp where oversize items are stored. Items from the graveyard are often used in stomp during maccabia. Geniza is buried in the graveyard on Tisha B’av. Check out this video of chanichim in the graveyard on Tisha B’av:

Highway P

A 12-mile long highway in Wild Rose, WI. One exits off of Highway P to enter Moshava. The Apache race begins at Highway P.


Campus for our Machal chanichim. The Hill is secluded from the rest of machaneh and has its own beit knesset, chadar ochel, sports fields and living quarters. Click here for a video of chanichim from The Hill talking about their amazing summer.


Time period between first and second month where only tzevet, MIT’s and Avodah are in camp. Intersession usually lasts for two days. Check out this Moshava Minute from intersessoin:


Hebrew. Many words around Moshava (and in this glossary) are in Ivrit. As a Religious Zionist and Bnei Akiva instution we use Ivrit on a regular basis. Check out this video of an Israeli chanich and an American chanicha speaking in Ivrit.

Jump the River

A game traditionally played on The Hill that involves jumping over two belts. As the game proceeds the belts are moved further away from each other. Check out this video of chanichim playing jump the river:


The organization that integrates children with special needs into the kvutzot. The goal is for the Keshet campers to learn about integration, living alongside mainstream campers and, wherever possible, maintaining the standard schedule of sports, water activities, drama, music and more. The mainstream chanichim learn sensitivity to those with physical or mental handicaps, to help those in need, and most importantly, to accept those who might seem different. Watch this video to learn more:

Kiboi Orot

Lights out.


Wake up.


A group of tzevet members who spend their time learning Torah in the biet midrash and giving shiurim to chanichim of all ages. This Moshava Minute was filmed at their headquarters:

Kushi Gufi

Abbreviation for kosher guffani (Hebrew for body exercises). Chanichim on The Hill have an hour of kushi gufi each day.


At the beginnig of the month chanichim select which sport they would like to focus on and for one peulah each day, they are guranteed to play that sport. Trophies are awarded to the championship team in each league at the end of the month. Check out this video of chanichim enjoying leagues:

Leslie’s Sandbox

The BBQ grill outside of the chadar ochel. This was built by Avodah and named for their rosh tochnit. Here, hamburgers and hot dogs are prepared for tzevet appreciation night and, of course, our annual visitors day BBQ. Check out this video for some more history behind Leslie’s Sandbox.

Lip Sync

An extremely popular night tochnit where ecah kvutzah picks their favorite song and pretends to sing the words while dancing. Check out this video of lip sync:

Night Tochnit

Night Activity. The night tochnit usually involves the entire machaneh and can be anything from capture the flag to lip sync. Check out this video of the bake off night tochnit.


Cleaning. Each morning after breakfast Chanichim are sent to their tzrifim to tidy up. The kvutzah with the cleanest tzrif wins a prize at the end of each week.


Theme. Each month at Moshava has a different theme that usually relates to Israel. Check out this Moshava Minute focusing on the early settlers of the State of Israel, the Kibbutznikim (the noseh was Israel at 60)

Nosh Cake

A Shabbat afternoon snack that is served between sha’at menucha and mischak hagadol. Nosh cake comes in a variety of flavors.


Pre camp. This is when tzevet and Avodah come up to Moshava early and help prepare the machaneh for the chanichim’s arrival. Tzevet also engages in leadership training expersizes during opening. The tzevet also have a special Shabbat to bond with one another in order to form a cohesive group. Check out this video from opening:

Paper Machsan

Paper storage shed. Building in camp where all of the paper goods are stored. For example; One on toranut can be told to fetch napkins from the paper machsan.


Activity. Each morning kvutzot are given a schedule with a list of peulot. Peulot can include anything from basketball to archery to zip line and much more.


The constituents of our tzevet that are not who are not madrichim are called “plugah”. Plugah is generally made up of sports madrichim, lifeguards and kollel members. Check out this video of our rosh plugah hanging out with some of the chanichim on the chutz.

Pole Building

This is the first structure that one sees on their way up to The Hill. The pole building is a great place to hang out during the week and is where Machal chanichim have shiur on Shabbat.

Pooling It

Hitting a softball 200 feet and clearing the fence of the swimming pool in left field.

Pot Squad

A select group of Machal chanichim who volunteer to clean the dirty pots from Shabbat on motzei Shabbat. They are known for their resolute work ethic as well as their tendancy to have lots of fun.

Rabbi Moshe Kushner Drive

The main road which runs through most of camp. Named after long time camp director Rabbi Moshe Kushner

Ram Kol

PA system. Each announcement that is made on the PA system begins with the words  “הקשיבו נא ,הקשיבו נא כל המחנה”.  Throughout the day there is Israeli music played on the ram kol for all of machaneh to enjoy. This Moshava Minute contains the type of music that is typically heard over the ram kol:

Rayli’s Playpen

Flickerball field upstairs built by the Swansons and Machal Shevet Dvir. Check out this video of chanichim at Rayli’s Playpen:


 A game played on the boys migrash that originated sometime in the late 1980’s. Roofball has similar rules to the “taps”, it can be played with a volleyball or a dodge-ball. In roofball the participants need to catch the ball that bounces off of the roof of the tzrif while in the air, and throw it back onto the roof before their legs hit the ground. Roofball is played with a minimum of two people and has no maximum amount of players. Moshava Wild Rose was the first camp in the world to ever host the August Anarchy Roofball Tournament.

Rosh Moshava (Rosh Mosh)

Head Counselor/Program Director. The Rosh Mosh can be seen on a daily basis leading tefillah, mifkad and meals. The Rosh Mosh also does all of the programming behind the scenes. Check out this video of the Rosh Mosh introducing himself and his sganim:


Spirit. During maccabia ruach is worth an unlimited amount of points. Check out this video of a chanich with a lot of maccabia ruach:


Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. The three days a week that chanichim are required to write letters home.


Swimming. Each day every kvutzah has schiya. Check out this video of chanichim enjoying schiya:


Assistant Rosh Moshava. Each Rosh Moshava has at least one sgan and usually two (sganim) a boy and a girl. These sganim help the Rosh Mosh with whatever he needs on a daily basis.

Sha’at Menucha

Hour of rest. This takes place after Mincha on weekdays and after shiur on Shabbat. This Moshava Minute was filmed during sha’at menucha.

Shabbat Cookies

Delicious cookies that are served on Shabbat morning with milk. Made by the cooks early in the week these cookies are hidden in a secret place until shabbat. Check out this video of Avodah chanichim playfully taunting their friends on The Hill and pretending that they will eat their shabbat cookies:


Canteen. Each morning at breakfast chanichim order what they would like from shekem and recieve it in the afternoon as a mid-day snack.


Sign. Moshava has dozens of artistic shlatim scattered throughout camp. Shlatim often contain inside jokes and are painted in melechet yad. Each shevet makes a shelet upon their completion of their month on Avodah and The Hill. This tradition is as old as Moshava itself, the chadar ochel has some shlatim hanging from the 1960’s. Check out this video where chanichim show off some of The Hill’s finest shlatim:


Tribe. Moshava chanichim are split up by shevet (grade). There is always a friendly rivalry between shvatim. Check out this Moshava Minute to see the excitement when it was announced that the night tochnit would be youngest shevet vs. oldest shevet basketball


Class. Chanichim attend shiur each day where they learn everything from gemara to tanach to Jewish history. Shiurim are given by our kollel members.

Shmeggs Field

Baseball field built by Mach Hach in 1992. It is named after their Rosh Mach Hach. Click here for a video of baseball training camp being held at Shmeggs Field (starting at 2:55)


Guard. Each night there are four tzevet members who are assigned to remain on the migrashim to ensure the safety of the sleeping chanichim.


Discussion. During a sicha, madrichim lead a discussion about issues pertinent to the lives of the chanichim. Sicha topics can range on anything from Israeli current events to the challenges one faces in high school.



Slow Shira

A time at the end of Seudah Shlishit on Shabbat where all of the chanichim gather their benches in a circle and sing slow Hebrew songs in the chadar ochel. This is a highlight of Shabbat at Moshava. An inspiring story is traditionally told at some point during slow shira. Check out this video of chanichim singing at slow shira as Tisha B’av commences:


A maccabia staple since summer 2000, stomp takes place on the first night of maccabia and is a contest of which team can make a better sounding, more in sync beat. No voices are allowed to be used in stomp. Check out this video of stomp:

Swanson Family

The Moshava maintenance staff is made up of three members from the Swanson family of Waushara County, Wisconsin; Chuck, Mark and Kenny. LeRoy Swanson, the family patriarch, originally began working at Moshava in 1980. Check out this video our tzevet made in honor of Kenny Swanson:


Gathering that takes place after dinner on Erev Shabbat, Tzevet and High School chanichim gather in the Sifriya to sing, hear Divrei Torah and eat some delicous BBQ Beef.


Program. There are three tochniot going on in Moshava at a time -the chanichim, Avodah and Machal.  Second month the MIT tochnit is added to that list. Check out this video where chanichim talk about how their tochnit spent the final night of the summer:


The act of setting up, serving and cleaning up after meals in the chadar ochel. Toranut falls under the responsibilities of Avodah. Check out this awesome video of toranut:

Trap Door

An area below the chadar ochel where the trash is kept for Avodah to pick up on garbage run. To see an Avodah chanicha coming out of the trap door please click here:


Staff. The majority of our tzevet comes up through the ranks, having attended Moshava for many years. They come back not just to have a good time, but to give something back to the campers, just as their madrichim did for them. They know the ins and outs of camp, and are devoted to making sure their campers have a great time. All of our staff are CPR and First-Aid certified. Our camper:staff ratios of 5:1 for younger campers, and 8:1 for high school campers, exceed the ACA standards of 8:1 and 10:1, respectively. Check out this Moshava Minute a reunion for featuring tzevet members from all over the world.


Scouting. Our tzofiut tzevet help teach wilderness skills to the chanichim (especially on the machaneh chutz). Be it tying knots, building a safe campfire, or putting up a tent, tzofiut can do it all. The tzofiut tzevet can be seen helping out chanichim at the chutz in this Moshava Minute:


Cabin. Here is where the canichim sleep and spend free time.


The Machal  camp site witch is segregated from the rest of camp. One has to walk up a small hill to get there. There are no stairs to get upstairs. Check out this video for an idea of what goes on upstairs:


Large area of inclined grass located near the chadar ochel, bayit and outdoor beit kneset. There is a playground in the valley which is often utilized by the members of our gan. The valley area is used for shiurim, outdoor movie nights, and even giant games of machanayim.

Visitors Day

A day during the first month of Machaneh where Moshava opens its doors to friends and family from the outside world. Visitors Day activities include a presentation by the chanichim, a BBQ and lots of shekem. Ceck out this video with some highlights from visitors day.

Waffle Court

Named after its special surface (that has ridges like a waffle) this basketball court sees some of the busiest traffic in machaneh. The waffle court is used for regular peulot, during shekem time and for night tochniot (sometimes all in one day).

Wisconsin Dells

An area in Wisconsin dotted with gift shops, amusement parks and water sports. Moshava usually takes at least one field trip to The Dells each summer, taking in such entertainment as The Tommy Bartlett Air and Water Show, Treasure Island Water Park and Mt. Olympus Theme and Water Park. Check out this video from Moshava’s visit to Mt. Olympus:

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

A minor league baseball team who plays their home games in Appleton, WI (about an hour outside of Moshava). By attending Moshava you are automatically a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers fan. Check out this video of Moshava chanichim at the Timber Rattlers game:

Yad Achim

Yad Achim is the anthem of Bnei Akiva, composed by Rav Moshe Tzvi Neriya, zt”l, in 1932. This song is sung twice a day during morning and evening mifkad.

Yom Machal

Machal Day. The day when oldest shevet goes upstairs to see what it is like to spend a day on Machal. Chanichim traditionally leave yom machal fascinated at how much fun The Hill is and cannot wait for the following summer. Check out this video of Yom Machal


More than a tent but less than a tzrif. Macha chanichim spend their summers living in Yurts. Check out this video where the chanichim on Machal put mezuzot on the new yurts.

Zip Line

Formerly known as the Omega, this is a 40 and 20 foot high and 400 foot long Zip-Line that lets the chanichim soar at high speeds over the beautiful grounds of machaneh. Here is a photo of the Zip-Line: