Camp Store & Packing List



Cap sleeves, sleeveless tops, crop tops, scoop, and v-neck tops are not acceptable. Tight or form-fitting clothing is not appropriate for any camper. Girls’ skirts and shorts must cover the knees while sitting, yoga pants and leggings are not permitted. Clothing with inappropriate language or innuendo may not be worn.

Camp Moshava Wild Rose has instituted the following dress code:



  • All skirts or shorts (basketball shorts or capris) must cover the knees

  • Skirts that have slits that do not extend above the knee

  • Sweatpants, joggers, loose-fitting jeans, pants etc.

  • Shirt sleeve length should be between the elbow and shoulder

  • Modest style neckline

Not Permissible:

  • Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cap sleeves, low-cut shirts, tight-fitting shirts

  • Suggestive slogans/pictures may not be worn

  • Tops that expose the waist/midriff

  • Shorts above the knee, tight-fitting skirts or mini skirts

  • Form-fitting, knit or spandex fabrics that hug the body (ie-jeggings, skinny jeans, leggings, yoga pants, etc)

  • Underwear may not be shown at any time


  • Friday night we emphasize the following: white top and navy skirt that cover the knees.  Skirts should not have print on them. It really adds to the atmosphere of Friday night when there is a wave of dark and white. Please help us maintain that feeling.

  • Shabbat day: other appropriate Shabbat clothing may be worn

  • No denim skirts or weekday clothing may be worn on Shabbat



  • Tzizit and kippot/hat must be worn at all times

  • Shorts must reach the top of the knees

Not Permissible:

  • Tank tops, sleeveless undershirts (worn alone), or spandex tops

  • Suggestive slogans/pictures may not be worn

  • Spandex shorts

  • Underwear may not be shown at any time


  • Friday night: White collared shirt and navy blue or black bottom. Please help us maintain that feeling.

  • Shabbat Day: Collared shirt and nicer pants (no track pants etc). Please help us maintain that feeling.
  • No jeans or weekday clothing is appropriate to wear on Shabbat

NOTE: Despite current fashion trends, no child may wear any shirt that leaves the midriff or waist exposed at any time. Parents are strongly urged not to purchase or send these shirts, as campers wearing these shirts will be sent to change clothes.

Other things of note:

  • Please have your child’s name marked on each item that he/she brings to camp.

  • Do not bring valuables such as expensive watches and jewelry, etc.

  • For safety reasons, campers are required to use sheets and regular blankets. Sleeping bags are to be used only for the Macheneh Chutz (overnight trip) outside of camp only. No child may use a sleeping bag in the bunks.

  • Camp Moshava assumes no responsibility for wear and tear, loss or damage to camper’s clothing or other personal effects.

  • Laundry is sent out every other week during camp.

  • In the event that a camper arrives without permissible clothing, clothes will be purchased locally at the parent’s expense and charged via credit card or e-check provided.