All Chanichim Arrive Safely

July 21, 2011by adam1

All the buses arrived safely in Machaneh this afternoon, filled with excited chanichim (campers). Bus chaperones provided first hand testimony that chanichim let out cheers and loud shrieks of joy as the buses pulled into camp as they got their first view of the camp’s landscape.

The chanichim were equally excited when they learned their kvutzot (bunk) assignments and were welcomed with warm smiles by their new madrichim (counselors). All the kvutzot were assigned a modern day leader of Israel, and each kvutzah will be learning about their leader throughout the month. The chanichim then headed over to their tzrifim (cabins) to unpack and settle in for the month of fun that lies ahead, starting with tonight’s night tochnit (activity).

Stay tuned for more details on all our special programs that relate to this month’s theme: “Moshevet Alo Na’Aleh”. After many months of preparation we are so excited to finally be able to implement all of the tochniot that have been planned.

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Make sure to check our CampInTouch section later tonight for all of the pictures from today’s opening tochnit.