Machaneh Chutz

July 8, 2011by adam1

The Machane Chutz took place this Wednesday and Thursday. When the chanichim first got to the campsite, they set up camp. Then the girls went swimming while the boys ate dinner and the boys swam while the girls ate dinner. For dinner the chanichim cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, and even some potatoes. They roasted marshmallows and slept under the stars. In the morning they cooked their own eggs over a bonfire, continued on to play sports and then headed back to camp.

The hero of the day that the chanichim learned about was Esther. Because Esther is part of the Purim story, we all dressed up as Pirates and had a pirate themed dinner. After dinner, the chanichim had a gold coin search, just like there was a search for a new queen, and then exchanged their coins for tickets and entered in a Chinese auction. The auction consisted of many different prizes, and just like Haman had a raffle, each prize was raffled off. Although not everyone won a prize, each chanich/a had a wonderful time.