Look Who’s Working at Mosh this Summer

Dikla Weitzner


I am so excited to be appointed Director at Camp Moshava of Wild Rose. I was born in Israel but have lived in Toronto, Canada since I was seven years old. My husband, Michael, and I have four wonderful children aged 17, 15, 12 and 9.  Although I grew up in Toronto, I spent five summers as a Chanicha at Moshava Wild Rose, and it truly impacted who I became and how I chose to live my life and raise my family as religious Zionist Jews. I built life-long friendships from my time at Wild Rose, met my husband in Toronto through Bnei Akiva, send my kids to Bnei Akiva schools and continued being involved in Bnei Akiva in various volunteer, fundraising and professional capacities.

Eight years ago, I helped establish the second Bnei Akiva Day Camp in North America – Moshava Ba’ir Toronto (MBT), where I have been the Director for eight years. MBT grew from 180 Chanichim (campers) to over 400 this past summer, and my Tzevet (staff) grew from 75 to 150!  I truly believe that the camping world is an ideal platform to influence our next generation and help them to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and religiously in a vibrant Jewish setting while having lots of fun.

I have always wanted to return to Wild Rose – it is so much more than a job, it feels like a homecoming.  I am hoping to build on the strong history and foundation of Camp Moshava of Wild Rose, and help position it to grow so that we can see even more Chanichim and Tzevet join us for Summer 2019 and beyond!

Questions about camp? Email Dikla at dikla@moshavawildrose.org

Yitzi Matanky

Director of Operations

Yitzi Matanky is excited to be returning to Camp Moshava this summer!  Along with his new role, Yitzi serves as the new Executive Director of Bnei Akiva of Chicago. Born and raised in Chicago, he has had the opportunity to see and experience the positive impact that Camp Moshava and Bnei Akiva has on our youth and community. Growing up in Moshava, first as a “staff kid,” then as a chanich, madrich and ultimately Rosh Moshava for five summers, Yitzi has learned first-hand what it means to lead and inspire.
A graduate of Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, Yitzi also received his MS in Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School, Yitzi previously served as the Executive Director of the Yeshiva University Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago. Together with his wife Aviva (who also grew up in Bnei Akiva and Moshava) and their four children, Meital, Yaakov, Lior and Adir, the Matankys live in Chicago.

Questions about camp? Email Yitzi at ymatanky@moshavawildrose.org


Jen Koplow

 Assistant Director 

Jen joined the Moshava Wild Rose Tzevet prior to Summer 2018 and is excited for another upcoming summer!  She loves the camp life, having spent summers away starting after 2nd grade (that summer she was the only kid in her bunk who was not a staff kid!) Growing up in Fairfield, CT she attended camps in the Northeast including Camp Hillel, Camp Hatikvah, and Camp Ramah Nyack.  As a sleepaway camp “lifer” she is excited to enrich the camping experience of our chanichim so that Moshava Wild Rose can become their annual summer place to be.

Jen attended Westchester Hebrew High School, spent a year studying in Israel at Machon Gold and then attended Brandeis University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She spent eight years as an executive recruiter with Michael Page International and has more recently been the Brand Acquisitions Partner for Bumblebean, an online retailer for children’s products.  Jen and her husband Jon moved to Chicago in 2008 and have four children – Josh, Ally, Kaylee and Coby.

Questions about camp? Email Jen at jkoplow@moshavawildrose.org


Daniel Gottesman
Rosh Moshava

Daniel Gottesman is super excited to be the Rosh Moshava this summer at Camp Moshava Wild Rose!!! Camp Moshava has been a part of his life since he first attended as a chanich (camper) in the summer of 2006. After that Daniel continued to go back for the next 10 summers as a chanich on the downstairs and high school programs and then for three years on Tzevet as a Madrich. When he wasn’t at camp, Daniel attended Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School and Ida Crown Jewish Academy, where he was very involved in Bnei Akiva. Upon graduation he attended Yeshivat Hakotel in the Old City of Jerusalem for two years and then had the privilege of joining the IDF and serving in the Givati Brigade. After completing Tzaha”l this past August, Daniel moved to New York, and is currently studying at Yeshiva University. When asked, Daniel said, “I am so excited and can not wait to come back to camp this summer as Moshava Wild Rose has been such an integral part of my life. I am looking forward to a wonderful, fun and educational summer and can’t wait to see you there!”

Questions about camp? Email Daniel at daniel@moshavawildrose.org

Rabbi Shalom Weisberg 
Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Shalom Weisberg studied at Yeshivat Hakotel and Michlelet Lifshitz.  He currently is a Rav at Orot Yehuda High School, Midreshet AMIT and MMY.  Rav Weisberg is also trained as a marriage counselor.  He enjoys playing guitar and a good kumzitz. Rabbi Weisberg lives with his wife and 5 kids in Neve Daniel.

Rav Shalom Weisberg will be joining us throughout the summer as our Rosh Kollel.

Rabbi David Saltzman
Rosh Chinuch, Session 1

Rabbi David Saltzman spent many formative summers in Wild Rose as camper, counselor, sgan, Rosh Mach Hach, Rosh Mosh and a member of the Kollel.
When he wasn’t in Moshava Wild Rose, Rabbi Saltzman was involved in Jewish education in a number of capacities over the last 20+ years. He taught 5th – 8th grade for 12 years, worked in camps as head counselor and director, and is currently enjoying his 12th year as the Maimonides Elementary School Principal.
Rabbi Saltzman received ordination from Yeshiva University, his Master’s in Education from Azrieli and his dissertation (May 2019) is on the topic of Hebrew reading comprehension.
Rabbi Saltzman is married to Jodi and they have four children. Atara is a student in Bar Ilan, Moshe is serving in Tzahal, Talya is a senior and Yoni is a freshman both at Maimonides.
Rabbi Saltzman can not wait to return to his summer roots and: try to locate his name on the rafters, see if he can still hit the ball into the pool, be surrounded by Bears and Cub fans and experience a great summer with the tzevet and chanichim of Mosh!

Rabbi David Saltzman will be joining us during our 1st session as our Rosh Chinuch.

Ariella Skoczylas
Rosh Chinuch, Session 2

Ariella Skoczylas (née Wrotslavsky), a Moshava Wild Rose Alumnus, made aliyah with her family in July 2018 from Detroit. She taught Limudei Kodesh and Ivrit at Yeshivat Akiva for 9 years prior to that. Ariella now teaches at a local Torani elementary school in Modiin, and at Midreshet Harova.
She spent 8 Summers at Moshava and cannot wait to begin her 9th Summer at Machane, this time with her 4 children, while living out the ideals she learned in Camp of Am Yisrael, B’Eretz Yisrael, Al Pi Torat Yisrael. Teaching Torah in Israel today is a dream come true, and she cannot wait to bring her Aliyah experiences and Torat Yisrael to all of the chanichim in Machane this summer.

Ariella Skoczylas will be joining us during our 2nd session as our Rosh Chinuch.

Nava Hyman

Interim Assistant Director 

Nava was born into a camping family and spent her formative years at Camp Moshava. Throughout the years, Nava held various positions and was consistently given leadership roles, organizing and coordinating major aspects of the camping program. Nava was recognized, not only for her leadership qualities but also for her creativity, her dedication and her hard work. Even after moving to Israel in 1994, Nava was consistently consulted by the camp leadership for her recommendations, camp programming and administration and ultimately returned to camp in 1998. Nava recognized the power of an informal educational setting and the importance and impact camps can have on the Jewish identity development of both campers and staff. Nava credits her love and commitment for Israel and the desire to raise a family there to the education and values that she received at Camp Moshava. Nava and her husband Josh raised 5 children Yoni, Amir, Yishai, Michali and Orly in Gush Etzion. All their boys served in special forces units in the IDF. Today, Yoni is finishing Hebrew U and Amir and Yishai remain an officer and commander in the IDF in their respective elite units. Michali will be starting sherut leumi in the fall and Orly, finishing 10th grade is looking forward to Avodah this summer.

Have questions about camp, email Nava at nhyman@moshavawildrose.org.

Rafi Jacobson
Rosh Eidah
Rafi Jacobson has attended Moshava Wild Rose for 8 summers. He’s been in camp as a Chanich downstairs, Machal, Avodah, MIT, and Madrich. He grew up in Chicago, went to Arie Crown and ICJA, and then went on to Yeshivat Torat Shraga for two years before drafting to the Israeli army where he currently serves. He loves Roofball and Shekem and cannot wait for this summer.

Jordan Lustman
Sgan Rosh Moshava

Jordan Lustman is looking forward to spending this summer at Camp Moshava! Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jordan has attended camp for a total of eight summers: for six as a חניך (camper), and two as צוות (staff). Jordan attended Maimonides Academy for primary school, and subsequently YULA (Yeshiva University of Los Angeles) for high-school.
Upon completion of his studies, Jordan attended Yeshivat Hakotel (located in the Old City of Jerusalem) for two years, made Aliyah, and then drafted into צה׳׳ל, where he served in the Armored Corps as a tank driver.
Jordan’s favorite part of camp has always been Shabbat at camp, and is super excited to spend many Shabbatot (IY”H) in camp this summer!

Elazar Kolom
Rosh Avodah

     Elazar Kolom was born and raised in Chicago. After studying a year and a half in Yeshivat Hakotel, he decided to join the IDF where he served in the Givati Brigade for another year and a half. Towards the end of his service, he made Aliyah and is currently back in Yeshiva completing Hesder. From a very young age he has been going to Wild Rose and it has become a home away from home. He has worked both as a sports madrich and madrich for eidah Gimmel. Elazar’s hobbies include playing sports, cooking delicious food, and learning Torah. As one of eight children, he has plenty of experience with kids. Elazar is looking forward to an incredible summer and can’t wait to get back to camp!

Noam Kaplansky
Rosh Machal
 Originally from Chicago, Noam made Aliyah with his family in 1999 to Chashmonaim, where he attended high school at Yeshivat Ner Tamid and served as Chanich and Madrich in its Bnei Akiva snif. Noam is currently in his final year of the 5 year Hesder program at Yeshivat Hakotel, in which he combined years of learning in yeshiva with army service in the Kfir Brigade infantry unit of the IDF. Noam spent the past few summers as a Madrich at Moshava California and Mach Hach Ba’aretz. After the short hiatus from Wild Rose, Noam is thrilled to be returning for his 10th summer in camp, where he spent his summers as Chanich and Madrich, including two summers on the hill.

Sophie Gordon
Rosh Eidah
Sophie is red hot ready to roll this summer as a Rosh Eidah at Wild Rose! After a brief hiatus from camp, she is super excited to bring her high energy, creativity and love of Israel to camp. No doubt she’ll be rocking her tilboshet every Shabbat! Sophie grew up going to Wild Rose: first as a camper and later as a M.I.T. for 9th graders. From 2015-17, she worked on staff at Camp Stone, where she served as a counselor for the youngest eidah and had the privilege to lead the art department at Stone last summer. Additionally last year she traveled to Iceland as a counselor on an integrated special needs travel program, Aryeh United.
 A  Chicagoen to the  day, Sophie attended Hillel Torah and Ida Crown Jewish Academy. She spent her gap year shteiging at Midreshet HaRova. Following Harova, Sophie is completing her. B.A (Bachelors, not Bnei Akiva) at Yeshiva University, Stern College; she plans to major in Political Science and Studio Art. This semester, Sophie is at Hebrew University, on Har HaSophiem , for her junior spring semester. While at Hebrew U, she serves as a Nachshon Fellow, a Jewish leadership NGO that aims to train aspiring Jewish future leaders.
When she isn’t at camp, you can find Sophie walking dogs, watching the Office, and scouting for the best chulent in Meat Shearim. She is pumped to make #herreturn to Wild Rose this summer—see ya all there!!!!

Eliana Braun
Rosh Eidah
Eliana Braun was born and raised in Skokie, Illinois. She attended Hillel Torah and Ida Crown Jewish Academy. Growing up, Eliana was always involved in Bnei Akiva. Her Bnei Akiva journey began as a chanicha at snif, followed by her summers at Moshava Wild Rose, and it continued on as she became a madricha, a Rosh Shevet, and a Rosh TAM in Chicago. Eliana explained that it was in Bnei Akiva where she learned the importance of being a leader and educating the future leaders of Am Yisroel. Eliana spent a year in Israel studying at Midreshet Moriah, and she is currently studying at Stern College for Women where she hopes to pursue a career in Nursing. This will be her 11th summer at Machane! Eliana acknowledges how camp has been such a big part of her life. When she thinks back to her most fun memories with her friends, they are always from Camp! Camp continuously allows her summers to be filled with fun and excitement, along with a deepening appreciation and understanding of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. Eliana is so excited for the opportunity to give back to the camp that has given and continues to give so much to her!