Moshava Meyuchad

Moshava Meyuchad is back and better than ever!! For two weeks after our first session, select a specialty track — Hoops (Basketball), Trek (Biking), Spiced (Culinary), Innovate (STEM themed), or Links (Golf),  — to take a deep dive into your chosen area. Chanichim will benefit from hands-on professional instruction  and new program facilities to come away with increased confidence, advanced skills, and the same amazing Ruach from our Wild Rose community! Explore the options below — we can’t wait for you to join us for Moshava Meyuchad and let your heart run wild

July 25th – August 8th 

Coming to Summer 2023….

New additional Meyuchad tracks!

** Each Meyuchad must have 10 campers per age range registered in order to run


Hoops (Basketball)

Take  your shot with Hoops, our basketball specialty program! Players  will tackle basketball skill-building, conditioning, and fitness, all while approaching the game with the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Skills learned include ball handling, footwork, layups, guard development, perimeter play, and more. Working with an elite coach, players  will benefit from one-on-one coaching, for a more hands-on, individualized learning and playing experience no matter your level. The fun doesn’t stop with only skills & drills! Weekly Hoops leagues build to the Meyuchad Winner’s Cup! Are you ready to step up your game this summer?

Trek (Biking)

Get ready for the ultimate adventure — ride with Wild Rose! In Trek, elevate your biking skills while becoming empowered to develop physical fitness, focus, and confidence. Riders will work daily with biking professionals — and a favorite activity of Wild Rose chanichim for many years! Trekers will be able to explore brand new trails across Wild Rose’s 242 natural acres and challenge themselves on our brand new bike park, learning tricks such as wheelies, dirt jumping, slides, and more. With each day filled with conquering new limits and advancing to greater heights, our Trekers will engage in rich discovery about their environment and their own stamina, resilience, and effort. Buckle up — the ride of your summer is just around the corner!

* Chanichim should be confident bike riders in order to participate

Spiced (Culinary)

Grow your cooking skills. Feed your community. Nourish your soul. Spiced, our brand new culinary arts specialty, teaches our young chefs  the skills they need to feel confident as active participants in the kitchen. By working alongside a seasoned chef in our brand new state-of-the-art Kosher kitchen, our chanichim will have an experience that is a cut above the rest. Junior chefs will engage in hands-on fun at every stage of the cooking process in a Farm to Table atmosphere. We start by gardening the ingredients, then prepare the food with essential skills such as sauteing, braising, knife work, and more. We invite you to join us at our table this summer — b’tayavon

Innovation  (Creative Space)

Welcome to Innovation, Moshava Wild Rose’s very own makerspace! Innovation is a hands-on specialty where chanichim will experiment, create, build, and produce! Through our STEM-related programming, Innovators will be given an opportunity to tap into their abilities and skills in multiple arenas. Be it building their very own box car, or filming their own short film, chanichim will be presented with a whole new explorative world surrounded by the beautiful landscape of machaneh.   Innovation will encourage chanichim to think critically, brainstorm, and learn essential problem solving skills which they will continue to use throughout their lives. Bring your curiosity, we can’t wait to create with you!

Links  (Golf)

Fore!! Did you know Camp Moshava neighbors some of the best golfing in the Wisconsin area?! Meyuchad Links will give chanichim the opportunity to hone their swing, and increase their drive as they challenge themselves to in camp and out of camp golf activities. Our golf pro will give chanichim the tips and mechanics needed to enhance their game to the next level. Links is the perfect summer program for the young golf enthusiast or golf curious! Bring your clubs, and get ready for a golf experience of a life time! See you on the Links!!

*chanichim are asked to bring their own clubs if possible. 


Typical Camp Day, Grades 4-6

  • 8:00am : Wake up + Shacharit
  • 9:00am: Breakfast
  • 9:30am: Shiur (learning)
  • 10:00am: Chug (elective)
  • 11:00am: Swim
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • 12:30pm: Mincha + Menucha
  • 1:30pm: Moshava Meyuchad Time! ** Hoops, Spiced, or Trek**
  • 5:00pm: Camp-wide Shekem (canteen)
  • 5:45pm: Shower
  • 7:00pm: Mifkad + Dinner
  • 7:45pm: Maariv
  • 8:00pm: Night Tochnit (night activity) or Meyuchad After Dark (track specific activity)
  • Lights out!

Typical Camp Day, Grades 7-9

  • 8:00am : Wake up + Shacharit
  • 9:00am: Breakfast
  • 9:30am: Moshava Meyuchad Time! ** Hoops, Spiced, or Trek** 
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • 1:00pm: Mincha + Menucha
  • 2:00pm: Shiur (learning)
  • 2:30pm: Chug (elective)
  • 3:30pm Swim
  • 5:00pm: Camp wide Shekem (canteen)
  • 5:45pm: Shower
  • 7:00pm: Mifkad + Dinner
  • 7:45pm: Maariv
  • 8:00pm: Night Tochnit (night evening activity) or Meyuchad After Dark (track specific activity)
  • Lights out!

Examples of our elective options include activities such as or similar to:  

  • Teva (nature)
  • Fishing
  • Jewelry making
  • Conversational Hebrew
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Boating
  • Painting
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Who can participate in Moshava Meyuchad?

A. Moshava Meyuchad programs are for chanichim who are completing grades 4th-9th grade. Participants will be challenged at the  appropriate age and skill level with their friends  in the same track.

Q. What options are available for chanichim younger than 4th grade?

A. During these weeks, we are excited to offer Mini Mosh, our two-week program for chanichim in grades 2-3! Please note that if you are in 4th grade, you have the option to join Moshava Meyuchad or Mini Mosh.

Q. How does Moshava Meyuchad differ from Moshava Classic?

A. The wonderful Bnei Akiva traditions, learning, fun and Wild Rose ruach will continue throughout the entire experience. In addition, Moshava Meyuchad allows chanichim to choose their own adventure and tailor camp to their individual interests! Meyuchad chanichim get to experience camp by exploring an interest or passion throughout the entire session. In these two weeks chanichim will focus heavily on their chosen track and also have the Wild Rose experience of Shabbat, mifkad, and building lifetime friendships. Choose your passion – and let the adventure begin!

Q. Can I choose more than one track?

A. Meyuchad chanichim will choose one specialty track as their focus. By participating in the full two-week program, chanichim will get the most out of the full arc of the program. While they will be on this focused track, Moshava Meyuchad is all about CHOICE.  When chanichim are not focusing on their track, they will have the opportunity to select from a range of other peulot (activities) to complete  their day.  This opportunity to select an elective (chug) rather than be sent to a particular activity continues the differentiation from our Moshava Classic programming.

Q. How much of the day is within the specialty?

A. Chanichim are in their specialty for half of their program day, either most of the morning or afternoon, with opportunities to return to special Meyuchad night sessions on given days. Other daily elements include swimming, a special elective (chug) of their choice, a group peula (activity), and learning. Chug options include fishing, jewelry making, Teva, boating, and much more!

Q. What are the 2022 Meyuchad dates?

A. Moshava Meyuchad runs from Tuesday, July 26 – Wednesday, August 10. If your child was enrolled in Moshava Classic and is staying for Moshava Meyuchad, they will get a bonus of “Mosh Double Down”  where we will be offering inter-camp programming during the July 25/26 turnover days between the two sessions.