Working at Camp Moshava

Welcome to the tzevet section of Camp Moshava’s new website. Here you will be able to read about the exciting job opportunities at Machaneh, find out who is working at Machaneh this summer and apply for a job.

All tzevet arrives in machaneh a few days before the chanichim in order to build chemistry through educational seminars and and become the cohesive group that makes Moshava Wild Rose what it is.

The tzevet in Moshava are responsible for making Machaneh the fun, educational and wonderful place that it is known for. Each tzevet member is hand picked by our upper tzevet members and are all great religious dugmaot (role models).

Whether our tzevet members are bringing their shiurim to life by filming the chanichim acting out a story from tanach or doing something crazy like buying a plastic tree for their kvutzah, the tzevet at Moshava are the core of all fun had at camp.