Yoga Expert Joins Staff

June 24, 2010by adam1

Hakshivu Na Hakshivu Na, Kol HaMachaneh! (All of camp, listen up!) Rachel Lafer is on campus! Rachel, a yoga expert, taught a girls only audience how to do a myriad of different poses as well as relaxation techniques.

Rachel, certified in yoga and Radiant Child Yoga, from Chicago, Illinois, explained her reasoning for coming to machaneh (camp), “I truly believe yoga benefits everyone. On the surface level it’s an amazing work out and a healthy stretch. But on a deeper level, when one starts young, [he or she] acquire[s] the tools to help manage stress and pressure.” Having her brother Evan and three nephews, Morrie, Barry and Aili, all in camp is also an added bonus.

The girls enjoyed the yoga as well. One camper exclaimed, “She was awesome! Can we do this every day?” Today Machal gets the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Rachel. Pictures to follow.