Machal Update

June 25, 2010by adam1

The Machal tochnit has gotten off to an exciting start. On Tuesday we hiked five miles to Wild Rose, where we met and interacted with the local residents, engaging them in thoughtful and friendly conversations about Israel. To the surprise of the chanichim, many of the Wild Rose locals have actually visited Israel and voiced their support for the Jewish state and our camp. The chanichim recorded their interviews with the residents which will then be put together into a newscast.  Upon returning to camp everyone cooled off by jumping into the lake. Tuesday night the chanichim were divided into groups then given duck tape and cardboard and instructed to build cardboard canoes that would be buoyant enough to race through the swimming pool. After completing their boats, the chanichim brought them down to the pool where a representative from each team navigated them in a thrilling race that left many boats shipwrecked. Only “Jerome,” the boat driven by Yosef Schrader, survived and was named the winner.

Wednesday saw our first full day in Machaneh.  After breakfast and shiur, the chanichim participated in Kosher Gufani, or exercise, led by their madrichim; some ran or did aerobics, while others did Tai Chi.  The chanichim then played basketball, volleyball and wiffle ball on Machal’s sports fields.  In the afternoon, the chanichim  got Shekem and went swimming.  The night tochnit saw a thrilling game of glow in the dark dodgeball.

Machal is off to a Fabulous, action packed start. Soon to come, Machal Mondays on the Moshava Minute!

Written By Danny Kroll, Rosh Machal

(Edited by the hardworking Secretary and Webmaster)