Chanichim Scavenger Hunt Pictures Are Up

June 24, 2010by adam1

Last night, the Chanichim had to take pictures of themselves in various locations throughout camp and submit them to win the grand prize, a mega Melava Malka (post Shabbat celebration) and ice cream party. They handed over their memory cards for us to take a look.

The picture scavenger hunt stems from Moshe’s confliction about which direction to go in life. Should he become a slave with the rest of the Jewish people or should he remain the Prince of Egypt? In order to make his grand decision, Moshe opened his eyes to see the bigger picture, as well as the seemingly miniscule detail he portrayed in that picture. The Chanichim practiced this as well, when they were told to place themselves in the “larger picture”. Before they began this adventure they were shown a short film from the Lion King when Rafiki tells Simba (changed to Moshe) to “look harder”. The idea being to put yourselves into the picture, because things aren’t always as they seem.

These pictures and more are featured in our online gallery under ‘picture scavenger hunt,’ check them out!