Trek – Biking Specialty


Get ready for the ultimate adventure — ride with Wild Rose! In Trek, elevate your biking skills while becoming empowered to develop physical fitness, focus, and confidence. Riders will work daily with biking professionals — and a favorite activity of Wild Rose chanichim for many years! Trekers will be able to explore brand new trails across Wild Rose’s 242 natural acres and challenge themselves on our brand new bike park, learning tricks such as wheelies, dirt jumping, slides, and more. With each day filled with conquering new limits and advancing to greater heights, our Trekers will engage in rich discovery about their environment and their own stamina, resilience, and effort. Buckle up — the ride of your summer is just around the corner!

Highlights include:

  • Instruction, curriculum, and courses designed by Geerz, an Israeli nonprofit specializing in mountain biking training for children and young adults
  • Master biking skills on our new trails across Wild Rose’s 242 acres
  • Learn trick skills on our new bike park elements, including swings, bridges, roller jumps, podiums, and more
  • Connect biking to lessons of confidence, discovery, and leadership