Leagues, Tzahal and So Much More!

July 10, 2012by adam1


It’s our last week of first session, which only means one thing…We’re just getting started!  There is always more fun to be had, and more to learn!

This week we started a special Peulah dedicated to learning about Tzaha”l.  We are being trained by Ohad, our resident Tzaha”l expert.  He is teaching about what it means to be a soldier in the Israeli Army.  There was a ropes course, strategy planning and drills training.  The chanichim are enjoying this opportunity to learn from Ohad and to train to be an Israeli soldier.  At night, Ohad gave a special sicha to Tzevet about the army.

We are also in the middle of our basketball leagues right now.  All the chanichim were split up into teams and given coaches.  This is an opportunity to play and interact with other people in camp.  Once the leagues “wind-down,” there will be a championship game that all chanichim can watch and cheer on their friends (stay tuned to find out who wins!).

If you didn’t see our Moshava Minute last night from the scavenger hunt, click here.

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