In Memory of Yaakov Matanky zl

July 14, 2012by adam1


Almost 10 years have passed since we lost Yaakov Levi Matanky, z”l. His smile is seared in our memories.  His booming voice still rings in our ears and we can still hear it echoing off the “valley”. With his 10th yahrzeit rapidly approaching, we have created a special site,, that will serve as a repository for memories of Yaakov and a place to continue his work of promoting Camp Moshava and exposing more chanichim (campers) to its enlightening and enriching opportunities.

Please visit and share your memories and/or photos of Yaakov.  Please also consider helping us raise money for the Camp Moshava Wild Rose scholarship fund to help current and future chanichim benefit from the experiences that Yaakov cherished.