A Fun Time Had By All at The Machaneh Chutz

August 4, 2010by adam10


Today, the chanichim returned from their one night machaneh chutz (sleepout) at Evergreen Campsites here in Wild Rose. We arrived yesterday and the chanichim got strait to work. “It’s so much fun working with the chanichim to gather wood and start fires” said madrich Sam Stelzer. All of the madrichim, including Sam, were extremely helpful ensuring that the chutz was a safe and fun experience for everybody. We returned to camp today well rested and ready for the rest of this exciting week. Make sure to check out todays Moshava Minute to find out more about the chutz.


Tomorrow, former director Rabbi Moshe Kushner will be up at camp for a brit millah. This is sure to be a chinuchi (educational) experience for everybody. Check back tomorrow for pictures  and an article from the brit.


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