Yurt Alert: First In Yurts!

June 27, 2011by adam1

The Hill has an exciting new look this year!  We have replaced the tents with brand new, state of the art yurts.  What is a yurt, you may be asking?

A yurt is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by Turkic and Mongolian nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. A yurt is more home-like than a tent in shape and build, with thicker walls.

Our yurts sleep 12-16 chanichim in a water-proof, weather-tight, insulated and poly-canvas covered structure.  Each yurt has a domed sunroof that opens and five windows for cross-ventilation and a central drain for easy cleaning.  The 2011 Machal chanichim are the first campers to be using the yurts, and they are loving every minute spent in their new homes away from home. Be sure to check out the pictures of our latest additions to Machaneh!

“I have never seen the machal chanichim so happy to be sleeping under the stars”, said Rabbi Danny Kroll, Rosh Machal.  “They have even named their yurts!”

Thank you to our donors for making the construction of the yurts possible:

The Crown Family

Delicia and Morris Esformes

Ora and Maury Aaron

Gale and Eric Rothner

The Bellows Family

Flora and Marty Weiss

Rifka and Daniel Weiss

Raphaela and Todd Stern

1st Equity Bank

Suri and Joey Stern

Our Yurts are featured in today’s Moshava Minute.