Avodah is Awesome! by Noam Greenbaum, Rosh Avodah

June 26, 2011by adam1

“Soup! Soup! Soup-a-doop! Soup-a-doop-a-doop-a-doop!”

As the chanichim cheer for their soup on Friday nights in Moshava, it is Avodah who comes to their rescue and delivers the delicious meal they have been singing for! Here in Moshava, Avodah responds to the chanichims’  ruach (spirit) and excitement! We work hard in camp, performing mitbach (kitchen) and Chadar Ochel (dining hall) duties, as well as general avodot (jobs) around the camp.

The Avodah Tochnit is the essence of Torah V’Avodah. As well as working day and night to serve the chanichims’ needs and making sure the camp runs smoothly, we will be having shiurim everyday and sichot (discussions) twice a week which will be focusing on current events in Israel and around the world. We will also play sports daily, and have many amazing night Tochniot.

As Rosh Avodah, not only do I look forward to seeing the Chanichim grow as hard working and disciplined young adults, but I also can not wait to have an exciting, fun, and Torah filled month with them.

– Noam Greenbaum (Rosh Avodah)

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