Tisha B’Av and Maccabia

July 30, 2012by adam1


After slow shira at Seudah Shlishit, and last minute Tish B’Av preparations, all the chanichim met at the Beit Yaakov Levi for Maariv, Eicha, and Kinot, followed by an optional slow shira in the tree house.  It was a great way for the entire Machaneh to set the mood for Tisha B’av.
When it came time to say kinot once again on Sunday morning, the chanichim split up into groups with different kollel members, and went through the meaning and explanation of each kina. The entire Machaneh then gathered on the hill to bury the genizah, a long standing tradition at Machaneh.
Later in the day, after an exteneded Shaa’t Menucha, and the sun was already beginning to set, the chanichim watched a classic camp Tisha B’av movie: Operation Thunderbolt.  When the fast was over everyone gathered to daven Maariv, make Havdalah, and break the fast.

After everyone ate a filling dinner, the chanichim had a much needed free swim.  Later they were told to all meet in the gym, and Yitzi, the Rosh Mosh told all of the chanichim that they were going on a chutz.  When all of the chanichim made their way to the migdal, he told everyone that they were going to hike to the chutz site.  The chanichim seemed confused as to why the chutz was starting so late at night, but started the climb regardless.  At that point Yitzi announced that it wasn’t the chutz at all, it was MACCABIA!  The team names are Sfard, Spain, and Tzarfat, France places in which some of our greatest Rishonim were born.  Hatzlacha Rabbah to both teams, and be sure to check back in to see who wins!