Moshevet Giborei Ha’am

June 22, 2011by adam1

Hi, my name is Avi Varnai and I’m the Rosh Mosh this month. You may recognize my name from being on tzevet previous summers and from last nights Moshava Minute.  This months noseh (theme) is Giborei Ha’am, in which the chanichim will be learning all about different heroes who have played an integral role in Jewish history. Each day the chanichim will learn about a different hero and have peulot relating to that hero’s life. For example, for Noach, the chanichim will be building an ark, for Sara they will be baking challah and much more (you didn’t think I was going to give away ALL of the surprises, did you?) Its going to be a great month filled with new peulot, trips, and amazing tzevet! Can’t Wait!!

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