Machal Na’aleh

June 23, 2011by adam1

My name is Danny Kroll and I am the Rosh Machal this summer at Machaneh (Twitter: @MachalWildRose). This will be my fifth summer on “The hill” and my third summer as Rosh Machal.

The first week of Machal will focus on uniting the 45 Machal chanichim into one solid unit.  Machal will kick off with what has become an annual first night tradition on the hill, the cardboard canoe race.  The chanichim will be divided up into teams and given broken down cardboard boxes and duct tape.  Using only the boxes and tape each team will work together to create a canoe, boat or other water apparatus which will carry one member of their team across the length of the swimming pool in a thrilling race.

Keep up with Machal on the camp website, facebook page and by following Machal on Twitter (@MachalWildRose).