Moshevet Binyan Olam

July 26, 2010by adam1

Moshevet Binyan Olam started out with a bang.  Literally.

Each month in camp a different noseh  (theme) is chosen.  This time around we chose to focus on the aspects of the creation of the world.   Through the interpretations of the commentaries, we will learn the significance of the placement of the book of Bereishit.  It is not just a coincidence that the story of creation comes before the books that hold the mitzvot.

Specifically, the tochnit will learn about the first seven days of creation through informal programming.  There will be a maccabia (color war) with different team names that will represent different days.  And what better way to appreciate nature than to go on a machane chutz.

On a broader spectrum, shiur for the chanichim will take a whole new role.  They will learn about different stories throughout Tanach and modern Jewish history that will hopefully show them that God takes a very significant place in everyday life.  Each week, the shiur will deal with a topic and create multi- media and movies about what they have learned.  The goal is that the chanichim will get so involved in the story and their own interpretations, that they will relive the history and experience it themselves.  (These videos will be posted online as they become available)

The name “Binyan Olam” is two fold.  First, it emphasizes God’s role in the building of this world.  Second, it is taken from the bracha in shemonah esrei about Yerushalayim.  It is our hope that the chanichim will see God in everyday life and realize that He is the one who provides us with State of Israel.  At the end of the month the chanichim will hopefully go home with a greater love for Religious Zionism and understand that there is only one true Jewish home- Israel.