July 27, 2010by adam1

After a seemingly normal day in Machaneh, the chanichim excitedly prepared for their night tochnit, “Family Feud”. Each kvutzah had to dress-up together as a family. At dinner, Yitzi, the Rosh Mosh, had a lot of “trouble” getting quiet. He “waited” for over twenty minutes, and still, he could “not succeed” at getting the chader ochel to be silent.

Finally, Yitzi stormed out of the chader ochel, and he was nowhere to be found.

Interim Director Avi Roth continued to tell the chanichim how disrespectful they were being, threatening to take away the night tochnit. The chanichim were disappointed, and finally the chader ochel was quiet. However, little did the chanichim know, IT WAS MACCABIA!!!

All the events of today were building up for this Maccabia break-out.

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