Awesome Skits and ‘Lets Make a Deal’

June 23, 2010by adam1

On Tuesday we explored the integral moments of Moshes childhood in Egypt. The day started off with a skit demonstrating Pharaoh testing Moshe with gold and coal. We ended the night with a parade welcoming Moshe into his new position as Prince of Egypt, which led into the night tochnit (activity) ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’

‘Let’s Make a Deal’- an all time favorite at Moshava- gives chanichim the unique opportunity to show off special talents, dance moves, and wacky costumes. Based on costumes, chanichim are called up to stage to compete against each other to win prizes hidden under boxes.

With the summer off to such a great start were looking forward to many more exciting night tochniot and thrilling skits. Just a reminder, pictures are updated daily along with the Moshava Minute!