A Meaningful Shiva Asar B’Tamuz

June 30, 2010by adam1

Tuesday marked the 17th day of the month of Tamuz, a fast day that commemorates the breaking through of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem- three weeks prior to the destruction of the temple. Although most of the younger chanichim do not fast, they did not have the usual fun daily activities. Rather, the day was geared to an inspirational and spiritual program about what defines a hero.

The day started off with davening, and then went to a thoughtful group discussion about recognizing the hero within ourselves. The chanichim engaged in meaningful debate about who they felt their personal heroes were and why. They then proceeded to write letters to themselves, or their parents defining why they felt they were heroes and how they could make a difference.

After the activity and shiur everyone davened mincha, and then had an optional lunch for those who weren’t fasting. After lunch the chanichim had shaat menucha (rest time), and had the option to watch a movie in the gym or to do various arts and crafts in the melechet yad (art room).

After a very meaningful Slow Shira (singing) on the basketball court, maariv was prayed and fasts were broken. The chanichim immediately jumped into their night activity- dodge ball in the gym. Pictures are online.