Chanichim Leave for Chutz

June 27, 2010by adam1

Today, the Chanichim will depart for the two day Machaneh Chutz (camping trip) . The Machaneh Chutz, a long standing tradition in camp, is a real chance for the campers to experience nature and enjoy each others company in a more relaxed setting.

The chanichim will have a brief hike to the Chutz. They will get to participate in swimming both in the lake and in the fabulous waterpark the Evergreen Campsite offers! The Chanichim will have the oportunity to play sports and just hang out in the great outdoors. For a lot of these kids it will be their first time to have this type of an outdoor experience, and they are all really looking forward to it!

Aside from the general fun associated with the Chutz, there is an educational value to it as well. When asked about how he plans to connect the Chutz to this month’s theme Moshevet Cheirut, Sgan Sammy Shaechter explained that it is part of the storyline that the kids are experiencing. Moshe asked Pharaoh to, “Let his people go” and was told that now the Jews would not even receive the bricks they needed to build with, instead they would have to make them from scratch! On a much much smaller scale, the kids were told that they not only would have to assist in making their own food, they would have to gather the firewood as well. Additionally, the chanichim are being taken out of their comfortable beds and being forced to sleep in sleeping bags under the stars. The real outdoor experience will include delicious S’more making and singing by the campfire! It should be a lot of fun for everybody!

Avodah also will leave on their own two day Chutz as well.

Pictures will be loaded tonight from day one of both Chutzes, and as usual stay tuned for the Moshava Minute.