Taste of Moshava Shabbaton Highlights!

October 22, 2013by adam10


The shabbaton was led by Rachel Shandalov, Director Josh Zwelling and Assistant Director Shira Kroll. A special thanks to our madrichim for all of their help at the Shabbaton; Danya Allswang, Shlomo Baijtner, Noah Best, Kinneret Braun, Samantha Carl, Noam Feifel, Dovi Garfinkel, Carly Gordon, Rafi Jacobson, Rami Pinchot, Tali Redlich, Aryeh Rubin, Lauren Sorscher, Jack Strulowitz, Shelby Weller and Jacob Zwelling. We would also like to thank our Bnei Akiva Shaliach, Yisroel Tzadok, and the Bnot Sherut, Oriyah, Shani, Tamar and Ranana, for all of their help as well.

Photos from Shabbaton

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