Second Session Begins at Machaneh Moshava!

July 22, 2010by adam1

All the buses arrived safely at camp this afternoon, filled with excited chanichim (campers). Bus chaperones provided first hand testimony that chanichim let out cheers and loud shrieks of joy as the buses pulled in and the chanichim got their first view of the camp’s landscape.

The chanichim were equally excited as they learned their kvutzot (bunk) assignments. From the bus drop-off, chanichim headed to lice check and then tzrifim (cabins) to unpack.

As always, Camp Moshava considers the safety of your child priority number one. Having an experienced, well trained and dedicated staff is the first step in ensuring a safe environment. Therefore we require that each staff member in the Machaneh is CPR and first aid certified. In addition Moshava counselors and staff receive extensive training on how to efficiently handle various situations with sensitivity.   Although we hope your campers will never need medical attention, Moshava employs a qualified doctor or nurse on site at all times for immediate attention.

We are proud that parents can entrust their children to us with confidence. We are certain your child will have a wonderful and SAFE camp experience at Moshava.

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