Important Links for Summer 2021

CANTEEN (Shekem) 

Campers have the opportunity to select up to two items each afternoon from Shekem. Many campers order a drink and snack and we have added healthier options to the shekem offerings. Parents will need to add money into campers shekem account through their CampInTouch Account. Under the ‘Your Family’ section, click the Fund Canteen (shekem). Please note that these suggested amounts are based on our general pricing and does not account for purchasing specialty items (slurpies, beef jerky, etc). If you think your child may occasionally wish to purchase these types of items please add some additional funds beyond what is suggested below to their account. Shekem is given every day, including Shabbat. Suggested funding is $25 a week: 

  • Camp Session – $100
  • Machal – $100
  • Machal plus& Avodah-$125 

The account needs to be funded prior to the start of camp. 

  • Mini Mosh 1 week – $50
  • Mini Mosh 2 week – $50 

Should your camper’s account go below $10, we will make you aware so you can add additional funds. In the event that a camper expenses more, the family will be charged automatically. 


If you would like to purchase cases of water for your child to have up at camp you may do so through our website here. Cases will be delivered at the beginning and middle of each session. 


Parents may send one-way emails to their campers through our website here. There is NO fee for this service. The emails are stored online and downloaded once daily, arriving pre-sorted by bunk. Campers will not be able to reply by email, but will receive these emails printed each day with the mail. 


  • We have teamed up with Pack for Camp to ease the packing process. You can order gear and clothing for camp here.
  • Want to show your Camp Moshava Wild Rose pride? Check out our Logo store here.
  • Make sure all your clothing and gear is labeled! Here is a 20% discount to order labels for camp. Be sure to put in the code “WILDROSE” for your discount. 


You can scroll through and view all the photos from camp FOR FREE on the Waldo Gallery here. Enter join code: wildrose2021 

We also offer an optional service that uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our album, and then sends them to your phone via the Waldo app with notifications when new photos are found. Only one parent enrolls per camper. You can then invite 6 other family members to also receive your camper’s photos on their phone! Learn how it works in this quick video. Need help? Email 

To enroll: 

Click here or text WILDROSE2021 to 735-343 and follow the prompts. Cost per camper: 

Camp Session: $44.99 (weeks 1,2,3 & 4) Machal plus & Avodah: $49.99 (select all) 

Mini Mosh Week 1: $14.99 (week 1) Mini Mosh Week 2: $24.99 (Weeks 1 & 2)