Yitzi Matanky — Rosh Moshava for Second Year in a Row

November 21, 2009by adam10

Camp Moshava is pleased to announce that Yitzi Matanky will be returning for his second consecutive summer as Rosh Moshava, for second period 2010. Since 1997 Yitzi has not missed a single summer and over the past six years has assumed almost every role camp has to offer, climbing his way up from Rosh Shekem, to Rosh Avodah, and finally to the Rosh Moshava.

Yitzi took a momentary break from his post-acceptance celebration to grace us with a brief statement for the Moshava website: “I hope that everyone is counting down the days, becuase I can promise that summer 2010 will be even more incredible than last summer!” This statement says a lot as many campers declared summer 2009 to be their “best summer ever!”

With expectations and levels of excitement at an all-time high, there sure is a lot to live up to, but there is no man better suited for the job. Both Chanichim and Madrichim alike are thrilled to hear of his return. Madrich Aaron Begin exclaims, “I’m so happy Yitzi will be Rosh Mosh again! Last summer’s tochnit provided the perfect balance of fun and education, exactly what every chanich and madrich hopes for!”

Get ready for an unforgettable summer 2010, because Yitzi is back and better than ever!

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