Tisha B’Av and Maccabia

July 17, 2013by adam1


Monday night began with chanichim walking down the candle-lit path to Beit Yaakov Levi to hear a simultaneous slideshow presentation and Eicha. Before and after each perek of Eicha, a part of the presentation would be shown explaining the meaning behind the fast. After Eicha, the older eidah partook in an optional slow shira near the outdoor beit knesset.

Tuesday began with Shachrit and Kinot. Chanichim split into groups and learned the meaning behind certain kinot. Afterward, the enitre Machaneh gathered on the hill to bury the genizah, a long standing tradition at Machaneh.

A presentation on Gush Katif was given to everyone by Revital Shifman, one of the Israeli tzevet members at the Machaneh. Shifman lived in Gush Katif until it was given to the Palestinian Authority in August 2005.

After Shifman’s presentation, the chanichim gathered on the waffle court for slow shira until Maariv. Following Maariv, everyone gathered in the Chadar Ochel to break the fast.

At Aruchat Erev, it seemed that there was no more food. Not to worry, it was only a “fake Maccabia break-out”. After serving ice cream bars, some of which had wrappers containing the message that it is actually Maccabia and that the chanichim should tell their peers, the chanichim broke out into a chant of “MACCABIA” and Rosh Mosh Yitzi Mantanky announced the teams, Kibbutz (wearing green) vs. Yishuv (red).

Hatzlacha Rabah to the teams representing two of the kinds of special living areas in Israel. Check back to see which team claims victory.