Third Shabbat at Moshava

August 7, 2010by adam10

Kabbalat Shabbat was different in Machaneh this week. This week, Mach Hach joined us in Beit Yaakov Levi for a camp-wide tefillah. After Rosh Mosh Yitzi Matanky told a meaningful story, Ezra Allswang from The Hill led davening.

After lots of singing and dancing, the chanichim enjoyed their meal, but of course not before the “chicken dance”. On Shabbat day, the chanichim ate Shabbos cookies, attended shiur, and participated in Mischak HaGadol led by Rabbi Matanky, who was visiting for Shabbat.

During Slow Shira, the chanichim heard a story by Interim Director Avi Roth. They then headed to Maariv and havdallah, which is always a highlight.

Pictures from both Erev and Motzei Shabbat are online, be sure to check them out. Also, stay tuned for Friday’s “MachT”A Moment.”



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