Things are Movin’ Along!

June 14, 2012by adam1


Yesterday, the tzevet (staff) and Avodah buses arrived in camp.  Everyone rushed off with excitement in their eyes.

Over the next few days, until the rest of the chanichim (campers) arrive, tzevet will be participating in seminars that focus on their roles, safety and having a great time here in camp.  They have already spent time in sessions with our director, Josh Zwelling, the Rosh Mosh, Rachel Shandalov and some speciality staff from outside of camp.  “It feels like we never left camp,” said Rachel Shandalov.  “Everyone is already in full “camp-mode” and really excited about the chanichim’s arrival.  I am already beyond impressed with this year’s tzevet and I look forward to a memorable summer.”

The Avodah program is already in full-swing.  The chanichim have already been setting up different areas in camp.  “I’ve never seen kids so excited to work,” said Rosh Avodah, Hillel “HK” Katz.  “They arrived and said, “Ok, what can we do?”.  I think that this summer will be filled with growth for these chanichim in both the areas of Torah and Avodah.  I can already tell that I will learn so much from them!”

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Looking forward to an amazing summer!