Ten Plagues Hit Camp

July 1, 2010by adam10

This morning, the kids woke up to blood. The blood— completely fake, of course—was part of an exciting program about the Ten Makot (plagues). After an introductory skit featuring Pharaoh and Moshe (Uzi Beer and Sammy Shaechter), all liquids soon turned to blood!

The skit depicted Moshe going to Pharaoh requesting to be let out of Egypt, and yet again being ignored. Moshe warns Pharaoh that if he does not let the Jews out, all of the waters in the land would turn to blood. As we all know, Pharaoh did not take Moshe seriously. As a result, breakfast turned pink; the milk, pancakes and orange juice turned blood red. The chanichim all expressed the same sentiments: “seriously cool!”

To continue with the theme of the day, frogs “infested” the chanichim’s tzrifims (cabins). The kids came back from breakfast to find fake frogs everywhere! The rest of the day will explore all of the plagues in further depth and creativity.

Pictures coming soon!

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