Summer 2021 Covid Plan

As we continue to prepare for Summer 2021, we wanted to share some more information with you about our Covid plans. Like your camper, we are so excited to be returning to camp this summer and our goal is to have a safe, healthy and fun experience.  The main goal of creating our Covid plan is to try and keep Covid out of camp this summer. We promise to do everything on our end to help this happen, and we turn to you and ask that you do the same in the days leading up to camp.  Our medical team will be asking you to partner with them to help keep Covid-19 out of camp by answering health questionnaires, undergoing PCR testing, and quarantining for a short period prior to camp.  We ask that you commit to following these  guidelines in order to ensure the safety of your child as well as all of the other campers and staff who will be with them at camp.   The success of this plan will rely on a team effort and we appreciate your help. 

We want to thank our medical committee for the time and effort they have put into putting this plan together so far. As you review the summarized version of the plan below, please keep in mind that we are constantly monitoring the situation and will make adjustments to it as things develop. Of course we will notify you of any changes that are made. This document is not finalized and is a highlight of the main points that address many of the planned protocols. 

Please look for updated information moving forward on this page.

After Pesach, we will be sending out a detailed handbook related to Covid protocols. As we get closer to the summer, we plan to hold Virtual Town hall meetings describing our plans in detail. 

If you have any specific questions, please email


In order to minimize the risk of Covid-19 entering camp, we will be implementing precamp surveillance strategies. All campers and staff members will need to monitor their symptoms and temperatures for 14 days leading up to camp.  During this time they may not attend any large gatherings such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, or graduation parties.  No travel (except to camp) is permitted during this time.  Masks must be worn while with anyone outside of their immediate family both indoors and outdoors.  School and day camp is permitted as long as masks are worn and social distancing is maintained.  On the Friday before the start of camp, all campers and staff must undergo PCR testing for covid.  After getting tested, we ask that they quarantine in their home and only have contact with immediate family members.  This quarantine should be maintained until they depart for the bus or airport.

Testing at camp

In addition to the precamp testing, we will be implementing surveillance testing at scheduled intervals throughout the summer.  The exact schedule and type of testing is still being finalized.  We will also have access to rapid testing on site to immediately test any symptomatic campers or staff.


Establishing cohorts and limiting interaction between them helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 and assist with contact tracing.  At camp this summer, each bunk will be a cohort.  In Machal, there will be a boys cohort and a girls cohort.  Any interaction between cohorts will ideally be outdoors, masked, and socially distant.  In this cohorting model, campers and staff will be able to remove their masks while in their bunks, while eating, and while outdoors in an isolated location away from other cohorts. If all campers and staff test negative after our second test, our medical committee will decide which of our Covid guidelines can be relaxed. For example, we may be able to expand our cohorts, increase the use of  indoor spaces, and stop our daily temperature and symptom screening.

Masking, Social Distancing, Outdoors – 2 of 3 rule

This summer we will be implementing the 2 of 3 rule to determine what preventative measures need to be in place for cross-cohort interactions.  If possible, any interaction between two or more cohorts should be done outdoors, with masks, and socially distant.  However if this is not possible at least two of those preventative measures should be used.

Masks – Masks will generally be worn at all times when campers and staff are out of their bunks except for when they are eating or participating in an outdoor activity without other cohorts.

Social Distancing – At least 6 feet of distance will be maintained between cohorts.

Outdoors – We will be utilizing the outdoor spaces as frequently as possible this summer.  Activities that in the past have been done indoors will be moved outdoors to the best of our ability.  Dining will also be outdoors this summer, weather permitting.

Hand Hygiene

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed throughout camp and will be available in every building.  We will also be placing hand washing stations in designated locations.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, Ventilation

We will be implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols at camp this summer.  All shared items will be sanitized between cohorts.  High touch surfaces will be cleaned multiple times a day. We will also be increasing ventilation through open windows, open doors, and the use of fans.


In order to maintain our camp “bubble”, no visitors will be allowed at camp this summer.  For the same reason, no campers will be allowed to arrive late.  If  a camper or staff member needs to leave camp during the summer (except for local medical visits), they will not be allowed to return to camp.