Second Session – Specialty Week Activities

During our brand-new second session, each week you’ll be able to pick a new chug (specialty) that you love. In that week, you’ll spend half your day educating yourself in a whole new way and tackling a new challenge in-depth, all in the familiar and fun atmosphere of Bnei Akiva. See below for some of our featured Specialty activities and keep checking the page to see as new Specialties are added!

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The Ari Fuld z”l Israeli Technology Center

This program brings together a way to honor Ari Fuld’s memory in sharing his love and passion for Israel as well as his enthusiasm about the technological advances being done by so many of his fellow countryman. Designed and run by Ari’s brother, tech guru Hillel Fuld, this specialized program will show our chanichim the technological developments coming out of Israel. Each day, the focus will be on a different element within Israeli technological advancement from drones to water conservation, Iron dome, healthcare, business and more. The chanichim will walk away from camp having learned and gained an appreciation for their homeland, and being knowledgeable of all the accomplishments coming out of Israel. The chanichim will receive hands-on instructions and presentations via webcast from some of the actual developers of these technologies.




We are thrilled to have Basketball Pro Stacey Moragne back in camp!  Having played pro-ball in college and in Israel, Stacey and his team of athletes are excited to return to Moshava Wild Rose this year for a longer and more specialized program to help guide a sports specialty week of teaching & playing Basketball.  Our Chanichim will learn the fundamentals, enhance their teamwork skills and work on their individual skills as well.  Working on shooting, rebounding, defense, and passing drills along with competitive games and tournaments, this program is sure to help bring their basketball skills to a whole new level!

Creative Craft Studio

Mosaics, Ceramics, and Sewing Oh My! For those who love Art, this is the specialty for you. Through the use of various mediums, Chanichim will have the opportunity to create different specialized projects throughout the week. With the opportunity to spend several hours over the week designing and working on their project(s), Chaninchim will be able to fully immerse themselves in their vision and have an awesome finished product to bring home.

Culinary Academy 101

Love to get your hands dirty in the kitchen?! Learn all about the art of creating and presenting beautifully crafted food that is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Each day you will enjoy the fruits of your labor when you dine with your camp friends!


Looking to improve your biking skills?  Then this is the specialty for you! Under the guidance of our master Geerz team, head out on the trail for extended biking trips.  Geerz uses mountain biking as a powerful tool to teach valuable lessons in leadership. This specialty harnesses and strengthens the inherent physical, mental and emotional challenges of mountain biking, while at the same time connecting the Chanichim with spirituality, their environment and the Land of Israel.


Intrigued by golf but never had an opportunity to try it? Or have you played for a few times on a course but want to up your game?  This will be your opportunity to explore and develop your Golf skills! Chanichim will head to a 3 ½ Star Rated* course to learn under the tutelage of the course Golf Pro during this specialty week.  From driving the ball to the technique of putting, chanichim will be able to develop their long and short game and have a little fun out by the Tee.
* from Golf Digest Places to Play

Martial Arts

Combining a mix of the mind and the body, this specialty will challenge any of our chanichim. Taught by an 8th Degree Black Belt-Kwan Jang Nim and owner of the American Martial Arts Academy, this Martial Arts specialty will be certain to get the adrenaline pumping and provide chanichim with an increased awareness of Taekwondo technique and a self-defense skill set. At the end of the week, chanichim will be put to the "test" to meet a challenge that we have no doubt they will be writing home about!

Triathlon Training

Chanichim competing in a Triathlon?! You bet!  Overcome your fear, wow your bunkmates and challenge yourself to accomplish this incredible feat!  Using our beautiful pool, our running paths, and bikes borrowed from Geerz, this is your opportunity to shine.  Each day our chanichim will work on a skill needed to complete the triathlon - swimming, running and biking. On our last day of this specialty week, they will put all their practice to work and go for Gold!   Our Tzevet coaches are here to help and whether your goal is to compete for 1st or simply to finish your first race with a smile on your face, we will be here to help you succeed.


Taught by a highly ranked college level player, this tennis specialty is designed for our Chaninchim to have fun and advance their game. Focusing on different aspects of the game each day will help players develop a wide-range of skills.  Chanichim will be taught games and drills that are designed to teach tennis basics and develop integril skills such as coordination, , court sense, and footwork.

Yoga Retreat

Combine mind, body and soul in this Yoga specialty! We are bringing in a certified Yoga Professional to run a yoga retreat for Chanichim focusing on physical movement and centering positive energy.  Through meditation and focused breathing, Chanichim will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and be sure to end the summer feeling  Zen. Namaste!