Rabbi Danny Kroll — Rosh Machal Summer 2010

October 24, 2009by adam1

Camp Moshava is proud to announce that Rabbi Danny Kroll has accepted the position of Rosh Machal for summer 2010. Rabbi Kroll, who will be taking his second run as Rosh Machal, is a Moshava lifer and will come to camp accompanied by his wife Shira, daughter Rayli and G-d willing another baby, who will be arriving in the near future.

“I had such a good time as Rosh Machal back in ’08” Rabbi Kroll told us in an exclusive interview, “You just cant beat the magic of The Hill, I can’t wait to get back up there.” Rabbi Kroll isn’t the only one excited for summer 2010, his chanichim have been preparing for Machal since the end of this past summer. Check out the Moshava Minute below to see highlights of their practice run at the hill.