Maccabia Day One

July 29, 2010by adam1

Maccabia is in full swing, with both teams “Mayim” (blue) and “Yabasha” (green) full of energy and ruach. Both teams have been competing in sports, making up new and creative cheers, and spending lots of time in Melechet Yad (arts and crafts).

Lunch belonged to team Mayim, who transformed the Chader Ochel into a boat, with blue “water” lining the walls. For dinner, team Yabasha worked with the movie “Shrek” to turn the Chader Ochel into a green wonderland, complete with Ogre-eared waiters and Shrek-themed menus.

Following dinner, both teams put the finishing touches on their “Stomp” presentations. Each team prepared a musical presentation that revolved around both their team name and the noseh of the month – Binyan Olam. Both teams wowed the crowd, and are looking forward to the excitement of Maccabia to continue tomorrow.

Check out the website for pictures and don’t forget to watch the Moshava Minute!