First Shabbat of Second Month

July 25, 2010by adam1

Friday was a busy day in Machaneh as the first day of camp as well as Erev Shabbat. Chanichim had a full day of sports and swimming, and pre-Shabbat nikayon, in which all the Kvutzot scored highs of 4s and 5s. For the first official mifkad of the month, the campers were full of enthusiasm as they sang Yad Achim and Hatikvah.

Jack Gottesman lead a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat. One could feel the chanichim’s energy as they sang and danced to Lecha Dodi, which could be heard from The Hill! The excitement continued as the chanichim danced to the Chader Ochel. The ruach-filled Friday night meal consisted of food, singing, and of course, more dancing.

On Shabbat day, the chanichim participated in Snif lead by Mach Hach, and Mischak Hagadol lead by Sganiot Katie Matanky and Daniella Strick. Slow Shirah was inspirational and was followed by an intense first Havdallah lead by Rosh Mosh, Yitzi Matanky. Motzei Shabbat night swim was so much fun, can’t wait for a fun-filled week at Machaneh!

Stay tuned for the Moshava Minute!