Day One Off to a Great Start!

June 20, 2012by adam1


There’s nothing like that first morning in camp.  You’re not used to the special time zone yet.  Things start early and you’re ready to have FUN!  Today was no exception.

The chanichim experienced excitement and thrills during their first day of machaneh (camp).  It was a day filled with sports, arts and crafts, shiur and swim tests.  The chanichim also chose their chugim (tracks) for the summer (tomorrow they will start).  Their was elimination in the valley, basketball in the gym, kickball at Shmeggs and so much more.  The fun continued on…

At night the chanichim participated in the unification of the Israeli Defense Forces.  They were involved in drills, special training and preparation for the establishment of the State of Israel.  Click here to see a Moshava Minute about the night tochnit.

We would also like to welcome Rabbi Zvi and Laurie Engel and their family to camp.  Rabbi Engel is the Rabbi of Congregation Or Torah in Skokie, Il. and will be joining us through Sunday.

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