2021 DATES and RATES


2021 Dates, Fees & Information

1st Session3-8Mon, June 28thMon, July 26th  $4150
Mini Mosh

1 Week

2 & 3Mon, June 28thMon, July 5$1,000

(Discounts not applicable)

Mini Mosh 

2 Week

2 & 3Mon, June 28thMon, July 12th$2,000

(Discounts not applicable)

Machal9Mon, June 28thMon, July 26th   $4450
Machal Plus & Avodah10Mon, June 21stMon, July 26th $2700
Machal Plus10Mon, June 21stMon, June 28th  $1500
Avodah10Mon, June 28th Mon, July 26th   $1500


EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: register by November 15, 2020 and receive a $150 discount per camper (only applicable for 1st Session & Machal)

NEW CAMPER DISCOUNT: New Families who register by December 15th, 2020 will receive $150 off per camper (only applicable for 1st Session & Machal)

OPEN HOUSE DISCOUNT: Families who attend an Open House (in person or virtually) will receive an additional $50 off per family

REFERRAL: Families who refer a NEW family that enrolls to camp will receive an additional $100 off per new referral

Incentives and discounts can be combined where applicable. Scholarship recipients are eligible for discounts and are encouraged to apply as many as are applicable; scholarship funding is awarded based on total financial need and funds available on a first come, first serve basis.

Have more questions? Click here for our FAQ.

Other ways to save

Did you know your first-time camper may be eligible for a Summer Camp Grant of up to $1000!

One Happy Camper: Please click here to check your eligibility for the One Happy Camper program. Then click the “Apply Now” button in the top right corner.  One Happy Camper is not a scholarship program and grants are not based on financial need. There is no official deadline, but a limited number of grants are available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

PJ Goes to Camp: Please click here to check your eligibility for the PJ Goes To Camp grant. Please note that for students who attend a Jewish day school grants are done by lottery and there are a limited number of PJ Goes to Camp incentives for 2021. Requests to enter the lottery will be accepted beginning October 1, 2020.


Scholarships are awarded based upon financial need and will be given first come first serve. Our first review of scholarship papers begins on November 1st, 2020. We encourage you to register for camp and fill out the scholarship application, returning it in a timely manner so you can be in this round of the review process.  Scholarship dollars are limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Scholarship applicants are required to apply to their local Jewish Federation for scholarship opportunities as well. Our scholarship application is available here.


Payments & Fees


There is a $500 registration fee per child for all programs, of which $100 is non-refundable. This fee must accompany the registration/application.

CAMPING TUITION PAYMENT DEADLINE: All camping tuition and fees are due by May 1, 2021. Campers will not be permitted to attend until all camping tuition and fees have been paid and a completed medical form has been returned to the office.

ADDITIONAL FEES: The camping tuition includes medical services provided in camp, as well as laundry, however, prescriptions, doctor visits outside camp, and canteen fees are not included.


NEW CAMPERS: First-time attendees of Camp Moshava of Wild Rose, WI, may be contacted by the camp for an interview to establish that the camp is suitable for the child, and the child for the camp.

HIGH SCHOOL CAMPERS: High school campers attending Camp Moshava of Wild Rose, WI, for the first time must submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or principal and may also be contacted for an interview.

Cancellations, Changes, & Refunds

PARTIAL ATTENDANCE: Camp Moshava cannot pro-rate camping fees for late arrivals or early departures. 

CAMPER DISMISSAL: Campers sent home for disciplinary reasons will NOT receive a refund.

CANCELLATIONS: Refunds follow the schedule below.


Refund for full cancellation
Before March 1     100% of tuition, minus a $100 non-refundable
portion of registration fee
After March 1100% of tuition, minus full registration fee listed below

Regular Campers/ Machal: $500

Mini Mosh/Machal Plus/Avodah: $150

Machal Plus & Avodah $350

Mini Mosh (1 and 2 week)

For first-time Moshava campers completing 2nd and 3rd grades.

Mini Mosh gives campers an opportunity to experience many of the activities and programs enjoyed by full-session campers in a 1 or 2 week stay, with the opportunity for them to experience a Moshava Wild Rose Shabbat.

*A 3-day Mini Mosh option may be offered as an option at a later date.


Regular Campers

Primary camping for campers completing 3rd – 8th grades.

These campers enjoy a full range of camp activities, including sports, swimming, arts & crafts, and more. Each day campers attend daily shiurim and sichot (study and discussion groups), along with hobby groups of their choice. Each evening features a unique program. Downstairs campers also leave camp for special day trips and a 1-night camp-out.



For campers completing 9th grade.

This program is tailored for the high school chanich completing 9th grade. These chanichim enjoy their own campsite, known as “The Hill”, separate from the rest of camp. Machal helps bring these campers closer together by challenging them to find that inner, pioneering spirit demonstrated by early Zionist settlers. The site includes its own chadar ochel (dining hall), beit knesset, and sports facilities, while at the same time being in close proximity to the main grounds of the camp, enabling chanichim of “The Hill” to take full advantage of all of our amenities. Adult staff members reside at this campsite to provide additional supervision and educational enrichment. Machal is designed to create a cohesive shevet (age group), through programs in camp and on trips out of camp. One of the special Machal trips that chanichim enjoy is a 3-day canoe/bike/horseback riding trip.


Machal Plus & Avodah

For campers completing 10th grade.

This program is tailored for the high school chanich completing 10th grade.

During Machal Plus, we have created a one week consolidated experience for chanichim to have some of the Machal programming that they missed last summer. There are daily peulot, unique trips, seminars and shiurim.

The Avodah program enables a limited number of chanichim to live the ideals of Torah V’Avodah. The chanichim will be assigned different tasks at camp which give them a sense of responsibility and develops skills for their entry into becoming staff the following year. There are daily peulot, unique trips, seminars and shiurim. Also  involvement in Chesed projects in the community and learning leadership skills.

Chanichim have the option to sign up for just Machal Plus, just Avodah or both the  Machal Plus & Avodah experience.