2023 DATES and RATES


Moshava Classic:   June 27th-July 24th

Moshava+ :   June 27th-August 8th 

Moshava Meyuchad/Mini Mosh:   July 25th -August 8th 

Moshava Classic:  June 27th-July 24th

Primary camping for campers completing 3rd – 8th grades.

These campers enjoy a full range of camp activities, including sports, swimming, arts & crafts, and more. Each day campers attend daily shiurim and sichot (study and discussion groups), along with hobby groups of their choice. Each evening features a unique program. Downstairs campers also leave camp for special day trips and a 1-night camp-out.


Mini Mosh:  July 25th-August 8th

For first-time Moshava campers completing 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders.

Mini Mosh gives campers an opportunity to experience many of the activities and programs enjoyed by full-session campers in a 2 week stay, with the opportunity for them to experience a Moshava Wild Rose Shabbat.




Moshava Meyuchad:  July 25th-August 8th

For campers completing 4th-9th grade.

Moshava Meyuchad offers campers the Moshava Wild Rose experience tailored to a particular interest of theirs: basketball, biking, and cooking! In 2023 campers can also sign up for Cleats, Innovation, and Spotlight.Campers have the opportunity to focus during their two-weeks in an immersive environment with hands-on learning led by top professionals in their fields.

** Each Meyuchad must have 10 campers per age range registered in order to run


Hoops (Basketball)

Take  your shot with Hoops, our basketball specialty program! Players  will tackle basketball skill-building, conditioning, and fitness, all while approaching the game with the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Skills learned include ball handling, footwork, layups, guard development, perimeter play, and more. Working with an elite coach, players  will benefit from one-on-one coaching, for a more hands-on, individualized learning and playing experience no matter your level. The fun doesn’t stop with only skills & drills! Weekly Hoops leagues build to the Meyuchad Winner’s Cup! Are you ready to step up your game this summer?


Trek (Biking)

Get ready for the ultimate adventure — ride with Wild Rose! In Trek, elevate your biking skills while becoming empowered to develop physical fitness, focus, and confidence. Riders will work daily with biking professionals — and a favorite activity of Wild Rose chanichim for many years! Trekers will be able to explore brand new trails across Wild Rose’s 242 natural acres and challenge themselves on our brand new bike park, learning tricks such as wheelies, dirt jumping, slides, and more. With each day filled with conquering new limits and advancing to greater heights, our Trekers will engage in rich discovery about their environment and their own stamina, resilience, and effort. Buckle up — the ride of your summer is just around the corner!


Spiced (Culinary)

Grow your cooking skills. Feed your community. Nourish your soul. Spiced, our brand new culinary arts specialty, teaches our young chefs  the skills they need to feel confident as active participants in the kitchen. By working alongside a seasoned chef in our brand new state-of-the-art Kosher kitchen, our chanichim will have an experience that is a cut above the rest. Junior chefs will engage in hands-on fun at every stage of the cooking process in a Farm to Table atmosphere. We start by gardening the ingredients, then prepare the food with essential skills such as sauteing, braising, knife work, and more. We invite you to join us at our table this summer — b’tayavon


Cleats (Soccer)

Grab your cleats and get ready to kick off our soccer specialty program! Spend two weeks drilling skills and improving your soccer game on the beautiful Moshava fields. Cleats is the perfect opportunity to practice ball control, passing, shooting, and field awareness. The intensive soccer workshops will enable our athletes to grow their confidence on the field, build their stamina, and learn the values of teamwork, all while enjoying the Moshava Wild Rose atmosphere. End off sessions with competitive scrimmages and exciting soccer programming – it’s every soccer athlete’s dream! Don’t miss your shot at the summer of a lifetime!

Spotlight  (Preforming Arts)

Lights, camera, action! Unlock your full creative potential with Spotlight, Moshava Wild Rose’s performing arts specialty program. Engage in artistic programming including learning lines, blocking, set design, and more. Culminate the Summer with a showstopping stage performance for the entire Machane (camp) to enjoy. Prepare to take the stage or learn what it takes to manage behind the scenes. The spotlights on you- it’s your time to shine!

Innovation  (Creative Space)

Welcome to Innovation, Moshava Wild Rose’s very own makerspace! Innovation is a hands-on specialty where chanichim will learn how to make something out of nothing. Through our STEM-related programming, Innovators will explore high and low tech tools to assemble intricate contraptions like never before. Innovation will encourage chanichim to think critically, brainstorm, and learn essential problem solving skills which they will continue to use throughout their lives. Bring your curiosity, we can’t wait to create with you! 

Machal:  June 27th-July 24th

For campers completing 9th grade.

This program is tailored for the high school chanich completing 9th grade. These chanichim enjoy their own campsite, known as “The Hill”, separate from the rest of camp. Machal helps bring these campers closer together by challenging them to find that inner, pioneering spirit demonstrated by early Zionist settlers. The site includes its own chadar ochel (dining hall), beit knesset, and sports facilities, while at the same time being in close proximity to the main grounds of the camp, enabling chanichim of “The Hill” to take full advantage of all of our amenities. Adult staff members reside at this campsite to provide additional supervision and educational enrichment. Machal is designed to create a cohesive shevet (age group), through programs in camp and on trips out of camp. One of the special Machal trips that chanichim enjoy is a 3-day canoe/bike/horseback riding trip.


Machal Plus:  June 27th-August 8th

For campers completing 9th grade.

Four weeks of our Machal program and two weeks of the campers selected Meyuchad track.