Amazing First Shabbat at Camp Moshava

June 27, 2010by adam1

The first Shabbat came in and went out with song. The kids snaked out of Mifkad and straight into davening where echoes of Lecha Dodi could be heard all the way to Highway P! The energetic Chanichim joined Avodah and guests to welcome in Shabbat.

Shabbat day was filled with tons of Ruach (spirit). Starting with davening and following kiddush the chanichim made their way over to the Chadar Ochel for lunch, complete with more singing and of course, Moshava trivia.  After lunch everyone davened mincha and then the chanichim had parsha shiur. After Sha’at Menucha (rest time) the chanichim came back to the chadar ochel for “nosh” – afternoon snack.  The chanichim then went to mifkad and snif, a Shabbat afternoon activity led by Machal. At seudah shlishit the chanichim experienced one of the most moving parts of shabbat, slow shira (singing).  Both the new chanichim and the returning ones were awestruck by the power and intensity reverberating throughout the room. After seudah shlishit, the chanichim davened Maariv, and then Sgan Sammy Shaechter led Havdalah accomponied by Benji Richter on guitar.

But the singing didn’t stop there! Immediately following Havdalah the Melava Malka began. The Melava Malka was in honor of all the birthdays that weekend, including Sammy Shaechters. There was great music, yummy ice cream, and everyone had a great time dancing and singing along. Pictures of the Melava Malka and Mifkad are on the website, be sure to check it out.