A Letter From Our Tzevet Serving in the IDF

May 13, 2016by adam1

Dear Families,

We want to wish everyone a Chag Sameach and a happy Yom Haatzmaut.
Please see below a letter we just received from Daniel Gottesman, a former chanich and madrich, who sent this letter on behalf of himself, Rami Pinchot and Elazar Kolom, also former chanichim and madrichim who are currently serving in the IDF. We are looking forward to their return to Machane after their service is complete.

“As the days of Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut are upon us we would like to thank Camp Moshava Wild Rose for having a direct impact on our decision to enlist in the IDF. These days bring up much thought on the meaning behind the army and the ability to have a homeland and the privilege to protect it; we would like to thank the camp for its inspiration, our madrichim who have both inspired us and guided the path for us by serving before us. Josh, I want to thank you and Shira for all the camp has done and all it has taught us throughout the years, it was undoubtedly the greatest force in the decision and biggest push whenever things get hard here. As we will sorely miss camp this summer we are truly grateful for all it has given us.”
– Daniel Gottesman