A Fun Friday at Moshava

July 30, 2010by adam1

Today was an excellent Friday at Moshava. The chanichim began the day by watching a few videos in shiur about the Israeli army. One video featured a real life IDF soldier from the elite Duvdevan unit giving a special message to the Moshava Wild Rose chanichim. The second video was highlights from the training course that some of our very own tzofiut members went through in the Polsar Golani unit. Rabbi Aviad Sanders, our rosh kollel, spoke to the chanichim about hishtadlut and the wonders that the Israeli army does for our country. After the shiur the chanichim boarded buses and headed to Appleton to Funset Boulevard. There they all enjoyed some time playing laser tag, video games and winning prizes.

After a crazy week of Maccabia the chanichim are ready for the yom menucha and are looking forward to shabbat. Check the website on motzei shabbat for pictures and a new Moshava Minute.


Shabbat Shalom!!!!