Yoel Palgi- Bamakom Sh’ein Ish Tishtadel Lihiyot Ish
Today in camp we focused on Yoel Palgi. Born in 1918 in Austria Hungary and made Aliyah in 1939. He volunteered to parachute into Nazi Germany to join up with the partisans and ultimately free Jews. Later in life he became one of the founders of El Al Airlines.

Three Tzanchanim (paratroopers) parachuted into camp today flying a 20 foot by 30 foot Israeli flag over the machaneh. Overcome with emotion and pride, and synchronized with appropriate music, chanichim watched as the Israeli flag gracefully landed in camp.

Upon landing, Eidot Aleph and Bet boarded an “El Al flight” to complete a scavenger hunt focused on El Al and modern-day Israel. Eidot Gimmel and Daled were handed missions reminiscent of those that Yoel Palgi and Chana Senesch volunteered to complete.

Through these tochniot, and in Yoel Palgi’s memory, our chanichim learned the importance of working as a team, volunteering and stepping up for the betterment of all Jews.

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